Bimbo Wizard

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In this short game you have gotten magic gold bimbos from the golden spider sitting in the sky at the top of the building and then you have turned yourself into a big green fellow and you are eating women in the street. The important thing is not to let a car hit your tongue while it is holding someone, because it is too heavy and it will get blown up. You move with the arrow keys and go through menus with space bar,.

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i like the sounds a lot!

i like the sounds a lot! just wondering, what are the consequences of someone dying on your tongue?

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if they get hit by a car

if they get hit by a car while on your tongue it is game over because they are too heavy or something

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kind of confusing i didnt

kind of confusing i didnt know what was game overing me until i looked here

I was wondering what role

I was wondering what role the tongue plays because in a natural situation the tongue wouldn't have these abilities like being restricted to 8 directional movement. If the tongue was elastic then I suppose that answers the question about how it's able to stretch, but I know that the tongues are probably growing out of the frog's mouth and makes me wonder how many a stored in there, must be a healthy dose of tongues in the throat. I'm not sure what the mechanism is called for a frogs tongue to retract but on the wildlife documentary they say the frog weighs less when it's tongue is extended toward its prey and that the tongue can act as a pendulum if the frog is on a ninety degree angle or either way a 360 degree angle but the tongue remains fifty degree's perpendicular to the protractor on any set of algebra equations you might find in your mathematics manual turn to page 73 and answer these six questions about what angle it would require if any angle was required at a particular time on a certain day and remember to bring your protractor and check your barometer to make sure the weather's fine. It depends on your position on the globe (southern hemisphere means the frog spins clockwise) and either way I wouldn't be surprised if the frog didn't spin at all as clearly depicted in the game 'thine frogs don't spin' as written in stone by Sebastian the third, but I'm not one to quote religious texts however this one has me perplexed as to what the frogs intention was and if it were in fact a summers day or perhaps it was winter. The game doesn't tell me what time of year it's set in so how would I know what text it is referring to, was it the winter text or maybe it is the summer solstice but the frog just didn't feel like spinning this time? I had some trouble in the game because I wasn't entirely sure if I was supposed to be avoiding the humans or if it was some situation where the humans was food or if I had to avoid the falling cars. The background appeared to be built of jelly made in square containers and turned upside down. I assume there was probably a guy holding it from underneath and shaking it to get that effect.