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Shellmar's Shellulous Journey


Guide Shellmar the blue turtle through the perilous blue caves in search of treasure!

Shellmar has the special ability to repel bullets by holding his shell over his head. Shellmar is not very strong, though, and this soon wears him out, so he can only hold his shell over his head while standing on the ground and for only one second at a time.


Left/right: Move
Down: Cover Shellmar with shell
X: Jump

F4: Toggle fullscreen
Esc: Quit
F9: Take screenshot

I was in a river in Zion Canyon most of Saturday, so I missed this KotM, but I've been itching to participate in another one for a while now and figured I'd rather be late now than wait for next month.

I've been wanting to make this game's basic idea for a while. It became a somewhat different thing.

John D. Moore
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