The Trolley Problem

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YES and Gevaudan

A chill paces through the air... dust settles on the tracks... A humble moral human is faced with a dilemma: A trolley speeds towards helpless humans who lie on both sides of two tracks. The human is given the ability to switch the tracks, but futilely, some will die. In addition, the human is given quotes of philosophers from throughout the ages at the click of a button. So then, who shall you save? The moral dilemma plaguing our modern minds finally comes to the world of interactive entertainment!

Concept, graphics: Gevaudan
Coding: YES

Made For: 
An event
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Love the mortified

Love the mortified expression on the little dude next to the switch.

This makes me feel very antsy.

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its' about time someone made

its' about time someone made a game about this!

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A GRUESOME team effort!

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I like this a lot. I often

I like this a lot. I often hear complaints that the Trolley Problem is presented in too simplistic of a context that it becomes absurd, but playing through this makes me realize that many permutations of the hypothetical circumstance can also reveal its absurdity. Once enough trolleys-tragedies occur it becomes apparent that this is a systemic problem that should be addressed.
My favorite circumstance was that if I didn't change the track, a single military officer would be killed. If I did change the track, two productive members of society, a creep, and my own cousin would be killed. That question had never been presented to me before and it felt surprisingly illuminating.
I also enjoy that the track stays on the one you switched it to. So there is an extra dynamic of becoming more accountable and involved because of previous decisions; basically once I change the track, I feel obligated to make a conscious decision each time after that.