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Originally uploaded in 2015.


WASD to move, space to jump.

Marie Gevaudan
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An event


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Playing this feels like a

Playing this feels like a sort of nightmare I have sometimes, where inside the dream everything feels 'normal'. But upon waking up, I realize a sense of dread about the world I had just been immersed in as I realize that actually everything was wrong.

I really like the screenshot here that gives a positioning to the world that doesn't occur inside the game itself. Coming back here to write this comment, I feel like it makes that first sentence I thought of while playing the game all the more true.

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The screenshot is a mockup

The screenshot is a mockup of what I wanted to do with the game.. have it all inside a painting! But I didn't know how to do screens within screens with transparency yet in unity... as seen in Morge Mouse and other works

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oh that is a neat idea.

oh that is a neat idea.
I assume you are mentioning this now because of