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Proof 1-3


got into an argument and then made this game

the Mac and PC versions are pretty different

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An event
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The Grey Nether


A little survival horror platformer created for the "Underneath the Sidewalk" challenge but also in the spirit of upcoming Halloween.

Save your granddaughter from the claws of evil creatures lurking underneath the Sidewalk! The only equipment you have is a handgun with limited ammo and a Princess Molly flashlight.

This is the first build and it's made in KnP so obviously it is going to be all kinds of wonky, but it should be playable. Let me know about all the strange bugs that you will undoubtedly encounter, and I'm gonna patch it right up.

Update 6.11.15: fixed a clipping bug in the level where you crack your rib

Jan Strach
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Made For: 
An event
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