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Super Kaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Pling 3


In the year 2018, only YOU* can force plingpling's collision system into submission! Only YOU* can influence the path of a white ball that bounces around a lot! Only YOU* can find a bunch of exploits that I didn't expect** which make the levels super easy! Only YOU* can receive an up to 10% chance*** to be crowned King of Pling**** just by playing! Critics call it:

"Getting Over It as a pinball game."

"[T]he pinball game of Citizen Kanes."

"I [...] see why people have to compare this to completely [...]relevant works."

BUT WAIT! Play now, and you'll* get not ONE, not ONE-HALF†, but TWO mind-blowing foot-stomping action-packing verb-placing†† levels that will BLOW YOUR* MIND! For an extra challenge, go for the lowest score!

(Warning: do not play Super Kaizo Pling 3: Kaizo Pling 2 if you* are allergic to Super Kaizo Pling 3 or any of its ingredients, or if you* are allergic to Kaizo Pling 2 or any of its ingredients. †††)

*Applies to anyone reading.
**Some exploits may be partially expected.
***Currently at 0%.
†If amount of levels is not being judged effort-wise.
††Will not actually place verbs.
†††Also do not play if you* are allergic to Super Kaizo Pling or any of its ingredients. ††††
††††Or Kaizo Pling or any of its ingredients.

So click the URL on your* screen NOW and have the best time of your* life!

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Proof 1-3


got into an argument and then made this game

the Mac and PC versions are pretty different

Made For: 
An event
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