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Continuing from the final stage of SUPER KAIZO PLING 2: KAIZO PLING 3...
John Balls finds himself ploughing through the very walls below him as the flippers smash into his limp body over and over and over. All he had wanted was to hit some bumpers and score a few X's, but what resulted was a mind-changing journey that would forever render him mentally unstable. It was as if he was tripping so hard that his breaking of the fabric of reality was recognized by everyone around him, which certainly seemed like the case to the street gang he found himself in front of after being collision-glitched to the final segment of the stage. Right at his feet he saw an X, but one of the gangmen took it away.

John Balls found himself pleading, "Please man, just hand over the X. I don't need anyone else in my life to get hurt."

One of the burlier members sneered. "Us, get hurt? You can't knock us down if we were bowling pins in a-" John Balls did not even care to let the man finish his metaphorical comparison. He used the knife that was apparently in his hand the whole time and stabbed him. Then he stabbed him again. It was a horrible thing to do, but John Balls' mind was already corrupted. He could almost hear
. The other men started to run away, but in two seconds flat, John Balls had stabbed them all. John Balls found himself in a horrible situation as the police started driving by. He stabbed the police and was immediately shot. Like seriously, fuck law enforcement.
Then John Balls was a ghost. Not like a kind spirit worn out from years of love, but a horrifying edgy sharp mean rude scary spirit that you'd see the Ghostbusters chasing after. Halfway across the country, his brother Jon Balls, a successful chef using one of the sharpest and most refined knives in the world, was chopping up a nice chicken breast for his family who he loved as family. Using his ghost abilities, John Balls instantly transported to Jon Balls' residential household and possessed Jon Balls. Guess what happened. No really, guess.
Anyways, after the deed was done, Jon Balls put the bodies in the knife holder, drove out to the countryside and buried the knife behind his deceased grandfather's barn. John Balls' spirit wasn't really the sharpest tool in the shed. It was upon looking through the old barn that he found a large flipper - a pinball flipper - just hanging against the wall. By now, John Balls' spirit knew what to do with it. Jon Balls stood directly below the flipper, pressed the right arrow key on his keyboard, and collision glitched below the barnhouse, where a portal to a strange new dimension awaited him. But will John Balls' spirit ever learn why murder is bad?

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Super Kaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Pling 3


In the year 2018, only YOU* can force plingpling's collision system into submission! Only YOU* can influence the path of a white ball that bounces around a lot! Only YOU* can find a bunch of exploits that I didn't expect** which make the levels super easy! Only YOU* can receive an up to 10% chance*** to be crowned King of Pling**** just by playing! Critics call it:

"Getting Over It as a pinball game."

"[T]he pinball game of Citizen Kanes."

"I [...] see why people have to compare this to completely [...]relevant works."

BUT WAIT! Play now, and you'll* get not ONE, not ONE-HALF†, but TWO mind-blowing foot-stomping action-packing verb-placing†† levels that will BLOW YOUR* MIND! For an extra challenge, go for the lowest score!

(Warning: do not play Super Kaizo Pling 3: Kaizo Pling 2 if you* are allergic to Super Kaizo Pling 3 or any of its ingredients, or if you* are allergic to Kaizo Pling 2 or any of its ingredients. †††)

*Applies to anyone reading.
**Some exploits may be partially expected.
***Currently at 0%.
†If amount of levels is not being judged effort-wise.
††Will not actually place verbs.
†††Also do not play if you* are allergic to Super Kaizo Pling or any of its ingredients. ††††
††††Or Kaizo Pling or any of its ingredients.

So click the URL on your* screen NOW and have the best time of your* life!

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