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Begin a Knytt Story for a week. Finish another Knytt Story for a week. The classic formula to Knytt Swapsies.

This is scheduled way off in the future (right now is April 3rd) as not to butt heads with the Rosetta Stone Game Jam, but hey, if you're interested, feel free to sign up. First part runs from May 25th to June 1st, and second part runs from June 1st to June 8th.

For further information, refer to this edited version of sergio's plan from the original Knytt Swapsies:


Week 1 - 2018/5/25-2018/6/1
Participants work on levels. They get half-completed, then uploaded to this event in the comments. Or you can just keep it private, in which case it will be your responsibility to send it to the next person.

Week 2 - 2018/6/1-2018/6/8
Levels are randomly allocated to participants (through They get finished off, and submitted to this event as games.


  • All skill levels and aesthetics are welcome! Seeing little relaxation zones transition into sprawling wallswim-ridden glitchscapes will probably be part of the fun (but matching tone is just as appreciated).
  • Knytt Stories mods (KS+, KS Ex, etc.) and custom assets are very much allowed!
  • Try to use less than 12 characters for the author field when creating your level, as there should be room for two and Knytt Stories only displays the first 25 characters.
  • In week 2, add your author credit by putting " & [yourname]" after the existing author. You'll need to edit the folder name and the Author field in World.ini, and you could put more detailed credits in Info.png if you want.

And hey, maybe I'll participate in this too.

Games made for KNYTT SWAPSIES II


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I'm in

I'm in like Dinkey King!

Since 8 weeks is a long time to wait, I invite anybody who's itching to finish off someone else's level to expand my level Pits, since I don't know if I'll ever feel like doing it myself. There's also four levels Healy posted for the Swap-A-thon Challenge that were never completed, just so I'm not entirely tooting my own horn.

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How did I not notice this

How did I not notice this sooner? I missed the first Knytt Swapsies event due to real life being particularly mean to me during those two weeks. Hopefully that won't be the case this time!

Maybe it'd be a good idea to post an announcement at the Nifflas forums as well. There might be more KS authors there who may be willing to participate but are still not aware of the event.

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I guess so, now that we're

I guess so, now that we're down to about 3 weeks.

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Fired up and ready for Knytt

Fired up and ready for Knytt Swapsies II: Revengeance

edit: I lied

edit 2: I changed my mind again and I'm in again so I edited this comment again

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Make sure to actually click

Make sure to actually click the "Sign up for..." button, it makes it easier on me if GT has all of the participants in one neat list.

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I will get into this. Into

I will get into this. Into this, I will get. Getting into this, I will.

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Lets go!

Can't wait to see what kind of levels come out of this.

So, were we supposed to get

So, were we supposed to get an email or something outlining the guidelines/rules, or is there an event page on this website?

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Nope, the rules are all on

Nope, the rules are all on this page. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know?

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Alright, here's my entry.

Alright, here's my entry. It's a bit of an early release and it doesn't have a lot of screens, but I don't think I'll be able to keep working on it today. I'm not particularly happy with some of the challenges at this point, though. If you get my half, feel free to tweak any screen you deem too tricky/annoying/dumb. In fact, you're welcome to alter any of the existing screens in any way and/or convert the level to KS+/KSEx if you so desire.

Also, PM me (either here or in the Nifflas forums) if you need me to make any small edits to the title screen or the tileset.


* Main tileset by Oft99, modified by me.
* Music by Brendan Bailey ("Sitcom - Game Menu Theme") and Nurykabe ("Juni pointe le nez dehors")
* Sound effects from (all clips used are public domain).

Powers/Flags used: Run, Double Jump, Umbrella, Red Key, Yellow Key (temporary), Flag0, Flag1

WARNING: this contains questionable dialogue and a truly scandalous cutscene.

VG - Tomatoes Gaiden.knytt_.bin2.53 MB
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The sequel no one asked for!

Here's my level. It requires KS+ to function properly, so go get it at if you haven't already.

Making this level's gimmick work is pretty simple: If the player character touches Bank 0 Object 255, the game thinks you're pressing the right arrow key. So basically, all you have to do is place it on every tile the player could possibly reach, essentially forcing the game to constantly pretend like the player wants to move to the right.

You can place Bank 19 Objects 101-150 (the remaining Zepsi Cola cans) in hard-to-reach spots to provide a bit of extra challenge to players who care about that kinda thing. The autosaves are shifts with "Invisible", "Shift on touch", "Do not quantize", "Autosave game", and "Hide effect" enabled, and the sound set to "None".

The font used in the cutscenes is Eras Bold ITC, size 18. The dialogue is written to seem like NES-style Engrish (i tried to be as accurate as possible).

Don't feel obligated to keep the run and double jump powerups; if you feel like you'd work better with different powerups, you can change 'em. Just make sure to let the player know at the start of your half that the powerups are now different.


Music credits:

  1. HeatleyBros - Option Menu!
  2. Ultigonio - Freeway Free-For-All
  3. Ultigonio - Rycher Glider

IMPORTANT: Ultigonio has asked me to put a link to his SoundCloud page ( in the level. You're gonna have to take care of that, because i don't know what you're gonna use in your half of the level so i can't make the credits.

Tileset credits:

Tilesets were made by egomassive, Lewis Wolke, Mr. Monkey, Paul "Ripen" Naumowicz, Quincent Cartographer, and the Community Tileset Project.


Oh, and one more thing: My username is 13 characters long, so if you really need that one extra character in the "level author" space for your name, you may shorten it to StraightFlam or StraightFlme or something like that. But i'd prefer it if you kept it as is.

StraightFlame & - Zepsiman 2.knytt_.bin14.48 MB
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My submission

Here's what I managed to come up with. Admittedly it's a bit bare-bones, as I didn't have a huge amount of time to work on it. Inside the bin is a little text document called NOTES.txt which will outline a rough idea of what I had in mind for the level. The person who gets this is not obligated to follow my notes, but they are there regardless.

Fubaka and - Exclusion.knytt_.bin24.48 KB

Ended up going a bit too

Ended up going a bit too ambitious on this one and had to grind to meet the deadline, but hopefully everything works correctly. If not, then I'll probably send up another file in an hour or so when I realize that I messed up something dumb.

Hopefully what I was going for isn't too confusing, but I left some notes in the Settings.ini file to try and help sort things out.

EDIT: Okay, nothing major, but I did tune down a couple music tracks that were pretty loud, as well as some very minor changes.

PP - Swapsies - updated.knytt_.bin6.69 MB
PP - Swapsies.knytt_.bin7.08 MB
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Missing Middle

  1. Uses KS+.
  2. Already playable from start to (a) finish, so I suggest doing this. The general idea is to fill in the absent middle section and go as off the rails as desired. Gradient102/x1005y1000 is provided if a conservative approach is preferred.
  3. I intended the title, intro graphic, ending graphic, and ending implementation as placeholder.
  4. Feel free to entirely change the start position, layout, goal, or literally anything else.
  5. I added "& Gliperal" to see if it would fit, but maybe you prefer PP? Again, change this if you want. Change anything!
  6. Tilesets are by me and "the community", music (which like everything else can be changed) is by Kevin "Gopher" Chow, custom character is frankensteined together from work by Nifflas and Firecat.
  7. Have fun!
Missing Middle.knytt_.bin159.51 KB

Yeah, so my half of sergio's

Yeah, so my half of sergio's level is going to be a little bit behind deadline (and by a little bit I mean at least a couple days). I promise it'll be worth it though!

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Didn't make it

Sorry to disappoint guys, but unfortunately I won't be posting a level today either. Bad stuff happened and I fell way behind schedule. I fully intend to finish xZilas' level, but it'll probably be a couple weeks late or so.