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Begin a Knytt Story for a week. Then finish another Knytt Story for a week. The classic formula to Knytt Swapsies.

This is scheduled way off in the future (right now is April 3rd) as not to butt heads with the Rosetta Stone Game Jam, but hey, if you're interested, feel free to sign up. First part runs from May 25th to June 1st, and second part runs from June 1st to June 8th.

For further information, refer to this edited version of sergio's plan from the original Knytt Swapsies:

Week 1 - 2018/5/25-2018/6/1
Participants work on levels. They get half-completed, then uploaded to this event in the comments.

Week 2 - 2018/6/1-2018/6/8
Levels are randomly allocated to participants (through They get finished off, and submitted to this event as games.


  • All skill levels and aesthetics are welcome! Seeing little relaxation zones transition into sprawling wallswim-ridden glitchscapes will probably be part of the fun (but matching tone is just as appreciated).
  • Try to use less than 12 characters for the author field when creating your level, as there should be room for two and Knytt Stories only displays the first 25 characters.
  • In week 2, add your author credit by putting " & [yourname]" after the existing author. You'll need to edit the folder name and the Author field in World.ini, and you could put more detailed credits in Info.png if you want.

And hey, maybe I'll participate in this too.

Games made for KNYTT SWAPSIES II


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I'm in

I'm in like Dinkey King!

Since 8 weeks is a long time to wait, I invite anybody who's itching to finish off someone else's level to expand my level Pits, since I don't know if I'll ever feel like doing it myself. There's also four levels Healy posted for the Swap-A-thon Challenge that were never completed, just so I'm not entirely tooting my own horn.