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Sat, Mar 26 2016 01:00 AM
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04/02/2016 - 23:00

I found out about this RPG Maker event and loved the concept. It reminded me of the Swap-a-thon we held, but more tightly structured, which might encourage more finished works. I thought it might be fun to try applying it to other game development tools. First up: Knytt Stories!

Basically: a bunch of people start Knytt Stories levels and work on them for a week. Then they get swapped around, and everyone finishes everyone else's levels over another week. Rough plan is as follows:


Week 1 - 2016/3/26-2016/4/2
Participants work on levels. They get half-completed, then uploaded to this event in the comments.

Week 2 - 2016/4/3-2016/4/10
Levels are randomly allocated to participants. They get finished off, and submitted to this event as games.


  1. All skill levels and aesthetics are welcome! Seeing little relaxation zones transition into sprawling wallswim-ridden glitchscapes will probably be part of the fun (but matching tone is just as appreciated).
  2. Try to use less than 12 characters for the author field when creating your level, as there should be room for two and Knytt Stories only displays the first 25 characters.
  3. In week 2, add your author credit by putting " & [yourname]" after the existing author. You'll need to edit the folder name and the Author field in World.ini, and you could put more detailed credits in Info.png if you want.

Games made for Knytt Swapsies!

NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Juni's Nightmare06/09/2016 - 05:17sergiocornaganightmare02.png8
Exploring a cave04/10/2016 - 13:43StraightFlamescroonshet.png2
House and Garden04/09/2016 - 17:09hugshng.png9
Pump It!Chill Out04/09/2016 - 15:59Ultigonioss+(2016-04-09+at+04.00.32).png6
Juni's Checkered Past04/09/2016 - 12:57ixMarcelaqIV5LL.png2
Rhetoricstu does it was all me04/09/2016 - 12:53Son of a dolphin4
Morning Stroll04/09/2016 - 09:39pfrangipscreen1.png6
Powerhouse04/09/2016 - 04:01rhetoricstuScreenshot.png4
last of the salad days04/07/2016 - 03:30Fubakalast screenshot.png5


Download for Knytt Stories

For those of you who don't have the Knytt Stories suite for making your own levels:

EDIT: Sorry, I missed the link above in the description...

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Sounds fun, 'm in! Is the

Sounds fun, 'm in! Is the idea to only do it for vanilla Knytt stories, or is KS+ fine? I'd probably use the original Knytt stories editor but just to clear it up.

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My personal inclination is

My personal inclination is to use vanilla KS, but I don't think I'll enforce any rule on this. KS+ and its editor are pretty great for making vanilla KS levels too.

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I'm gonna do something lame

I'm gonna do something lame story based on my life and expect the other person to finish it.

BUT... it will be in the style which may be amusing to people AND... if the second round I get something that had a lot of effort put into it, I will try to ruin it as much as possible.

So I think that makes it even

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I'll be playing in this one.

I'll be playing in this one. Should be fun!

Let's try not to make these levels too big, though. :P

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Are there any tutorials

Are there any tutorials floating around for making levels in KS? Last time I tried I got super confused :S

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Try this!

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yeah i used that one.

yeah i used that one.

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You're right I couldn't

You're right I couldn't wait.

Here is my half of the game

Rhetoricstu - Rhetoric stu does it was all me.zip1.02 MB
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My project is starting to

My project is starting to get out of hand. :P

That said, progress is pretty good so far. I've set up a specific area where the other designer will expand the level. It has two endings, and I'll be handling one of them.

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this is terrible and i know

this is terrible and i know it, i'm uploading it now in case i don't do anything more tomorrow, though i think i will

david c - revenge of the spongy.knytt_.bin226.25 KB
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i'm tempted to work on this

i'm tempted to work on this more but it's already a bit big

please have fun + wreck my world

hugs - last of the salad days.knytt_.bin59.88 KB
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- gradients 254/255/0 are different coloured voids and gradients 1-4 are solid colours
- the tileset is a little bit annoying to use, i'm sorry. don't feel any pressure to keep a consistent aesthetic if you don't want to!
- there are three exits not connected to anything yet, two on one screen.
- the yellow section isn't connected to anything yet but does loop on itself.
- the areas that are there don't account for high/double jump, so if the player has those they might hit voids.
- you can find a way back to the start area once you have climb + parasol. you might want to have a pickup accessible by climbing nearby (or not, newly accessible spaces don't strictly have to lead to more progress, right?)

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My finished piece

I have a bad feeling about this...

ixMarcel - Exploring a cave.knytt_.bin3.04 MB
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I realized i forgot to sign

I realized i forgot to sign up :P

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That's fine! Signing up is

That's fine! Signing up is good for keeping track of the entrants, but ultimately the levels uploaded in the comments of this event by the time the deadline arrives will determine who participates in the second half.

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I hope whoever gets this has as much fun working on it as I did!

I only ask that you _try_ and maintain the theme I was going for. :)

pfrangip - Powerhouse.knytt_.bin6.24 MB
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Alright, it's as done as I

Alright, it's as done as I can make it! It's yet another one of my pastoral pieces. Here's the status of all the locations (in case you need them): Guest house and garden hermitage are fully done (unless someone wants to add to them); Pool Entrance and Kiddy Pool are mostly done, although very rough; Sea-Stone Pool and path to the Main House have only the first part of their respective starting screens done; and I didn't even want to attempt the main house. Go hog wild!

(If you're wondering what a garden hermit is, look no further.)

Healy - House and Garden.knytt_.bin99.41 KB
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Alright, here is my

Alright, here is my level.

The person who gets it will be responsible for the music, the ending, and the bits that are missing. :P

Fubaka and someone else - Juni's Checkered Past.knytt_.bin407.54 KB
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Here's a thing i really

Here's a thing i really should've spent more time on.

(Also, my name's 13 characters long, so i guess you can change it to "StraightFlme" or "StraightFlam" if you need more space for your name or something.)

StraightFlame& - Swapsies.knytt_.bin2.9 MB

It's [Halfway] Done

Here's my bit! To whomever gets this: please make the palette less ugly. Thank you!

As for what else you need to do: just make puzzles! Obviously the section with the double-jump needs to be finished, but I'd possibly recommend a bit featuring, mmm... The hologram? Other than that, there's not much logic or story to this level. Go a little crazy! Maybe add some music, too. Hm.

Ultigonio - Morning Stroll[inc].knytt_.bin39.52 KB
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I made something inspired by

I made something inspired by Don't Stop Running! using music by Shirobon. It has no save points because it tries to sync up with the music, but that was getting pretty tough by the time I stopped, so feel free to change direction entirely if you're not feeling it.

Sergio - Pump It.knytt_.bin2.43 MB
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PMs have now been sent out

PMs have now been sent out with level allocations, let me know if you have any issues or concerns!

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Alright! I've finished the

Alright! I've finished the half that was given to me.

hugs and I are quite pleased with the result. Also, first game in, woot!