last of the salad days

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Made for Knytt Swapsies. Started by hugs and finished by Fubaka.

I shan't explain this.

Playground/Misc./Easy - Medium

UPDATE: Fixed the credits.

hugs & Fubaka
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my baby... has grown up so

my baby... has grown up so much *sniff*

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This is really amazing. I'm

This is really amazing. I'm so glad this collaboration came about. I'm not sure if I've seen everything yet, but I've seen quite a lot.

Which music tracks did you tamper with? One of them sounds more like Nurykabe than Nifflas.

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Yeah some of the songs are

Yeah some of the songs are Nurykabe. I often get him confused with Nifflas on the music front, since they were both involved in the standard soundtrack. I suppose I ought to fix the credits.

Oh, and if you must know, the tampered tracks were these:

Desert, by Nifflas
Hors du grenier, by Nurykabe
Solidité naturelle, by Nurykabe

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I prefer stories or

I prefer stories or exploration levels to ones that are more arcadey.

This one was really good. I liked the part where you had to die to leave the area

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Ah, I played it thinking it

Ah, I played it thinking it had an ending, so i kept running around the same places over and over again to find some way to get to it, that took too long so maybe it soured the experience, but i really liked it besides that, it had an interesting sense of scale and the tilesets gave it a different feeling than other ks levels