House and Garden

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what a curious spot to build a house

update 2: should be extra fixed now? there are no longer any ks+ no-climbs, at least. also slight change to sea-stone pool.

Healy & hugs
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Void Screen

Ah! There's a void screen off the bottom of x1004y1002.

Other than that, cute level!

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There's also void access at

There's also void access at the far right. You can get over the wall by jumping from the indent. I would suggest pushing out that lip a little more.

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this kind of short overhang

this kind of short overhang also occurs in the ruins, although 99% of the time i can't make that kind of jump

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This was a nice fun little

This was a nice fun little level, albeit one with not too much to see or hear. I enjoyed your use of tilesets. The Grassland ruins in particular remind me of one of my own upcoming projects, since I'm also using it for the main area.

All in all, though, I was hoping for a little more.

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This is a beautiful level,

This is a beautiful level, very calming

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Great little level. Healy,

Great little level. Healy, I'm so weirdly happy that you used that gradient from Rainy Day Adventure, and I enjoyed reading the Crystal Bird excerpt I assume you wrote... I've become quite attached to Baba Yaga and I suspect Hellboy is the main reason. Nice job finishing it off hugs, I love the book titles, my favourite was seeing 'Indoor Horticulture', then walking out and to the left and seeing indoor horticulture. Your tileset edits are also really charming, are they free for others to use in levels if they wish?

Unfortunately, I also come bearing news of voids. It's still possible to jump onto the overhang in Sea-Stone pool (room x1004y1002, position x23y5). No-climb object 41 appears to be exclusive to KS+, meaning it won't work at all in vanilla KS. The way they're placed here also doesn't work properly in KS+, the intended use must be to overlay them directly on solid tiles rather than adjacent. You probably ought to replace them with no-climb object 11 anyway, which I think works either way.

This kind of one tile overhang wall jump is quite tricky to pull off, to the point where if the overhang has a no-climb tile on it I won't notice and will just keep trying to jump onto it for ages, wondering why I suck so much until I eventually look using the editor and discover my folly. Search your heart. Do you truly wish to perpetuate such cruelty? If so, who am I to judge... you can fix the no-climb tiles as I have outlined above. But I implore you to consider adding a li'l bonus room at x1004y1001 if you can be bothered, or something similarly placating.

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yeah, do what you like with

yeah, do what you like with my edits, everyone!

the lingering issues are a consequence of switching to the ks+ editor and general carelessness. i'll try and resolve this asap

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I love the new room. Amazingly, it's still possible to access a void, though it's become incredibly difficult. You can jump off the column on x1005y1000 onto the overhang, although that one missing corner pixel in the tile makes it about twice as hard to pull off. From there, your applaudory sign is viewable, and while the warp deals with players trying to walk to the right, it's possible to jump to the screen above and then move to the right as there is no warp object there.

Sidenote: I think I preferred the original "why are you doing this. how" text. I almost mentioned how much I liked it in my ludicrously long comment, but I didn't want to spoil it for others.

Only update this level again if you really feel like it, the level of intentional game-breaking actions required is getting a little silly at this point.

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Very beautiful level! Those

Very beautiful level! Those interiors are excellent!

I liked the guest house... something about the layout, with it in the side of the cave, the casks at the front, just made it seem very calming... like that's a place I'd like to live.

I like Hugs' edited tileset... the Mansion rooms especially were very cute.