Morning Stroll

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A little morning puzzle

EDIT: Uploaded V2. Ultigonio made some tweaks, and also incorporated Fubaka's feedback.
EDIT: Uploaded another version. Lots of wallswims to fix! Also a new secret area.

Also, I really have to say, I think Ultigonio created an AMAZING puzzle concept here that I don't think I've seen in KS before. It's really interesting to see how creative individuals like him are still able to create new gameplay mechanics from an 8-year-old level editor.

Ultigonio & Pfrangip
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Good job, Pfrangip! I have some criticisms here and there but I generally strongly enjoy the direction you took with the level. You introduced up/down shifts in a good spot (exactly what I wanted, incredibly) and did so with some pretty cool ideas, and the introduction of the story was really amusing and gave some freshness to my half of the level that I wouldn't have expected! I have some criticisms here and there, but, overall, I'm glad you took up the second half.

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This is actually really

This is actually really good! REALLY good!

Not sure if I really have any criticisms to lobby, apart from one small one. At the beginning, it seemed like I was almost able to make the jump to the left without the run powerup. If I were frame perfect, I might have been able to, and that would have led to further problems down the road. Maybe move that platform a bit further off to avoid that possibility.

Apart from that, the puzzles were very solid, and not too hard. The atmosphere and music were also sublime.

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A meatbag like you WOULD

A meatbag like you WOULD like it.

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Fantasic level guys! I loved

Fantasic level guys! I loved the puzzles and the funny dialogue. The stroll/testing theme of this level was a cool idea. It reminded me of Portal a little bit. Good job!

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it is a very nice idea, i

it is a very nice idea, i played it a little bit back and forgot to comment