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Heart Pounding TrainWreck Marathon


Yo, what's up Glorious Trainwrecks?!

So, there was that "Klik and Play Marathon: The Final Laps" event.
FirecatFG and I made 42 short games!
Each of these games were made in about 15 or so minutes!

This exe has all the games that were posted in Klik and Play Marathon.
It also has a few games that I wanted to save for this huge file.
There's an interactive overworld for selecting all the games!
There's a password screen!
There's a huge text file with all the controls for each game and different hints.
Ask us questions if you want!


FirecatFG and everythingstaken
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An event
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The 5 Amingos


Here is a second compilation of 5 games (a sequel to 3 of Kind) where there are some sort of 4th wall breaking secrets. If you like fruit and if you like bugs and if you like tough puzzling games, you'll like this.

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An event
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Three of Kind


Here are three different small puzzle games. I originally made the different games in Klik n Play and then I imported it into MF2. Good luck!

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An event
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To 100: A Game Of 3 Parts: Part 3


I dunno. I wanted to make this a full game, but instead I decided to make it this instead.

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An event
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Leftover pizza


Games that you have seen previously now together in the one place.

Bushido Code
The Deathracemas
Dracula Pong
Die By the Bladed Sword In the Darkness Of Hell
Virtua Swordsman

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An event
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Electric Two


This is a tribute to my favorite band of all time. There were going to be more games, but then there weren't.

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart


we present proud Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart! Many games! Many fun! Download now! Play now! Infinite infiniteness and possiblies!

protip: f2 pressing is to return to games menu!

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Pirate Kart 2
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