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Heart Pounding TrainWreck Marathon


Yo, what's up Glorious Trainwrecks?!

So, there was that "Klik and Play Marathon: The Final Laps" event.
FirecatFG and I made 42 short games!
Each of these games were made in about 15 or so minutes!

This exe has all the games that were posted in Klik and Play Marathon.
It also has a few games that I wanted to save for this huge file.
There's an interactive overworld for selecting all the games!
There's a password screen!
There's a huge text file with all the controls for each game and different hints.
Ask us questions if you want!


FirecatFG and everythingstaken
Made For: 
An event

12-in-1 LC Collection


Created for Mini Ludum Dare #32 and for Pirate Kart V.

Twelve amazing games created with Game Maker, compiled in a single package of ultimate joy.

Leonardo Millan
Made For: 
An event

Sanic Ganerations


Born of the internet's cruel hand. The latest Sanic game consisting of 3 minigames.

Made for the lulz in roughly 12 hours on Sunday because I was feeling a little bit bored and juvenile. It might only be 3 but it was good effort for me.

Requires Flash 8.

Made For: 
An event
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How many games can YOU make in 48 hours? Collect code (chips) and assets (boots) to create games! Remember, you can only make as many games as you can form pairs of code and assets! Collect the item you have less of in order to make more games!

Watch out for pink balls and fireballs.

This game took way too long to make. Feat. beats by Torley.

Made For: 
An event
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Eat Lots of Candy


A game about eating candy. Move with the mouse, and collect all the candy to proceed to the next level. MMF2 is really fucking slow. Why is it so slooooooooow.

Uses voices by SpindleyQ.

You can make your own levels! Create an image named {number}.bmp in the CandyLevels directory and the game will recognize it! 64x64 required or else your image will get truncated. You can also share your levels here if you want.

Made For: 
An event
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Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart


we present proud Mega 999,998-in-1 Games Factory Kart! Many games! Many fun! Download now! Play now! Infinite infiniteness and possiblies!

protip: f2 pressing is to return to games menu!

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2
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