Full Speed Kiss (for clyde)

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Can our hero, Song Joong-ki, navigate the cutthroat world of illegal street racing and the echoes of his DARK PAST?
* 3 levels!
* Cutscenes!
* Feelings!
* Intrigue....
* Hovo-bikes modeled in tilt brush!
* Celebrity appearances by Song Joong-ki, Jessica Jung, Ryan Gosling, Treaxy, and ??<><@#!@ (SIGNAL SCRAMBLED)
* A korean adult contemporary love song!

WASD / arrow keys to drive. "R" to reset to the last checkpoint if you fall over. "0" (zero) skips a racing segment (cheat!!)

I hope the story is to your liking. I've never written a romance before, nor have I ever considered it, so it was pretty challenging.

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That was awesome.

That was awesome.

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All of this is executed so

All of this is executed so well. The story was great, I love campy romance. The tropes in campy romance exist for a reason, they manage to evoke intrigue quickly. I'm glad you were willing to use tropes, they work.
The levels were really fun to explore as I raced. I thought the themes were really fun and interesting to see executed by you. My reception to other racers on the track competing and colliding with me was both influenced by the relationships established in the story and those moments affected how I thought of those characters. I don't know if Ryan was programmed any differently from the other racers, but he felt like the most aggressive racer on the track. At one point he pinned me up against a candy-cane.
The music was well placed for mood shortcuts. I really enjoyed how Treaxy personified the game-objective's job of pacing the story out. My favorite joke was made by Treaxy in between races and it was one that made the themes feel more substantially connected to the periphery characters which does a lot for making this world feel interesting for me.
Frankly, after playing this, I want more of these. It seems strange that there aren't a ton of wacky racers with romances between the races (especially after playing this one and seeing how well that formula can work).

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Well, it's a relief to hear

Well, it's a relief to hear that the tropes did what they're supposed to. I was flailing pretty hard when it came to writing the cutscenes. I must have spent half of the last week staring at a blank google doc. I was originally trying to make it a light n' flirty romance between Joong-ki and Jessica, but not knowing how to flirt myself I couldn't put any words in their mouths. And with only four cutscenes to work with I guess I sort of inevitably moved towards the quick and cheap intrigue builders.

The racers aren't programmed any differently from each other. It's super cool that you read that into the racer, though. Stranger and I were talking yesterday and he mentioned an idea for a "placebo game" jam, or a genre of sorts, of games where you try to set things up so that the player reads mechanics into the game that aren't explicitly programmed. It's so hard to be sensitive to those effects when you're the one making the game and know exactly how everything works, though.

You should definitely make one! I'd be very keen to see what an expert in the genre could come up with.

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How did you program the

How did you program the opponents to follow the tracks?

Were there story beats that you wanted to include but that you felt slowed the game down too much or you didn't have time for?

If I was to try and make a clone of this game (which I may), what advice would you have for me?

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Unity comes with some

Unity comes with some default driving controllers. One of them makes an AI drive towards a waypoint, so I was able to hack that a little bit & add waypoints with clear lines of sight to each other. If Unity didn't have those default controllers the mechanics would probably be a lot different!

I don't recall any specific story beats that I wanted to include... It was more a process of working backwards from the limitations and seeing what kind of story I could fit into the time frame.

Something I might recommend if you're going to make a clone of this is to have an idea of the story in mind before you start. Something that I think could have been better in Full Speed Kiss is tying the plot into the levels, and since I made the levels before I wrote any of the plot they wound up completely disjointed. Part of that was kind of playing into racing game tropes, especially the [not arbitrarily, but maybe "variously"] changing themes of a Mario Kart circuit, but I think it could have played closer to the plot. Especially I think it would be neat to have a Sbabulbia level with a volcano.

If you (or anyone) is interested in doing a clone in Unity I'd be happy to share the source code.

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Fantastic. Brightened up a

Fantastic. Brightened up a dull January morning no end.

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This was freaking amazing!

This was freaking amazing! Track design was great. Writing was great. Moon goo was great.

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I love the hidden room in

I love the hidden room in the pyramid.

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The one in the side, you

The one in the side, you mean? I'm amazed someone found it! I was thinking of putting in a skate park ramp zone in there, a la San Francisco Rush, but didn't get around to it.

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I just meant the room with

I just meant the room with all the skeletons, but I'm glad my deliberate vagueness revealed the existence of another secret! ...That I am unable to locate myself. Darn.


7/5 Would dodge the alien tractor beam to float forever in one of the coolest skyboxes ever made again.

Seriously though: this is incredibly fun! It's the best combination of clyde's wish list, Super Mario Kart, and Speed Racer. The ending four-camera-scene break was a fantastic touch (and like in the Egypt level, driving off the edge of the racecourse to float around in your skybox on the moon was wonderful).

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All these cars are so

All these cars are so beautiful. I especially like the one made of 'ribbons' and the one made of 'sausages/balloons'.

This is one of my favourite racing games.

Has that lovely breezey, OutRunny feel.

Wish it hadn't taken me so long to try it, but I've been sorting out my 'Games' folder today, organising it real nice, and placing everything I haven't played yet.

This is great. I love all

This is great. I love all the different graphics. the car designs are especially fantastic. great variety of styles. game has a lot of energy. maybe a bit too trashy, hmmmm. wish i could make games this good. I tried playing this years ago but it lagged a lot on my old laptop. glad i can finally experience the masterpiece