GT Sekret Santa 2016

Sat, Dec 10 2016 09:59 PM
12/10/2016 - 23:59
01/07/2017 - 00:00

HO HO HO all you game-makers out there! It's time for this year's MERRY KLIKMAS game jam! Here's how it works:
- Participants sign up for the game jam, and post their own wish list of what they want in their very own game.
- Drawings will occur at the end of the day on Saturday, 11 December. All participants are locked-in at that time, and each will be sent a private message that lets them know who they're making a game for this year. Those who submit a list afterward will be paired up with one another, or hey I'll just make another one for them! (perhaps?)
- Games should be posted in this event when they are done. Send a special MERRY KHISTMAS message to your recipient to let them know their game is under the Glorious Trainwrecks Glorious Tree!
- The final due date is Saturday, 7th January-ish. Do what you can to have your game complete and posted here by the deadline... No one likes to receive late gifts!

We have completed all phases. If you've not submitted your game yet, please do your best to do so promptly! Your recipient is patiently waiting. :D

If you've received your game, then play it a lot and let the game-maker know how much you appreciate their efforts...!

I'll keep all the Santa gifs posted here, just because.

Games made for GT Sekret Santa 2016


My Wish List

All I want for Christmas is:
- retro-inspired
- explosions
- googly eyes
- power-ups and/or upgrades
- a high score table, online or local

WOO-HOO! It's Klikmastime again...! :D

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ambient music

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hell yeah babey

things i would like:

  • weird screen aspect ratios/pixel aspect ratios
  • mixed resolution
  • non-representational colour palettes
  • chillness
  • cosyness
  • secret codes
  • cat
  • red key
  • german expressionism
  • welcome to the fantasy zone
  • the feeling that things are going to be alright

of course don't feel obligated to cover everything or anything that's going to be too much of a pain to implement!

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would it be possible to

would it be possible to bring the start date up a few days? or would that not leave enough time for people to sign up, etc?

Starting Phase Too

I'd considered moving the date to sometime sooner, but
- two weeks sign-up period to post lists is what has worked for the past couple years, and
- the calendar works out nicely this year for those dates
- since there are popular holidays ending on Sundays this year, it crams upcoming weekends full of events for lots of folks.

Hopefully this schedule can still work out for you. I'd love to see the kind of game you can come up with for someone else, hugs.

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( ^ 3 ^)

(I might add to this later, but for now just :)

  1. SOFT
  2. MEAT
  3. LIPS

Wish List


i will live forever
the universe makes sense
there is hope
i can hear a body gouging at the wall and shrieking
i hope they bring wine!


in lieu of air, a thick pudding


the comfortable warmth of pissing slowly down one trouser-leg


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I want a racing-game that

I want a racing-game that builds up a non-comical romance between characters.
It would be great if it includes some eroticism and a Korean adult-contemporary love-song.

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for klikmas, i want a little

for klikmas, i want a little playground full of gewgaws that you can doink around and they'll buzz and sputz and interact with each other

p.s. if ihavefivehat signs up and is my secret santa, i want that dang pizza game you tweeted gifs of months ago

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Dear Santa

I'd like a difficult, fast-paced action game.

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My wish list

Things I like (in no particular order)
Puzzles (zelda-like)

Current Sign-Ups

So far we have eight people signed-up for this year. This is great news!

Here's something to consider, particularly so since it was brought up by another participant:
If we have at least 12 sign-ups by this weekend, would you like to have the name drawing one week early?

Please post a comment to share your thoughts! If we have a majority voting yes, then I'll go ahead and carry out Phase Too on Saturday 10th December.

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I would prefer it. I'm

I would prefer it. I'm excited about starting. I would think that late-comers could be paired up together.


I feel bad about hardly making anything this year.. but last xmas one went well so i guess i should enter..
For wishlist.. something in a fantasy or sci-fi setting

aww... why are signups closed?

i wanted to sign up.

Signing Up

So sorry about sign-ups being closed. I have no idea how that happened! Feel free to add your name to the list. It should be active now.

Adding a wish list comment should be good enough to indicate that you want to participate this year, in any case. Signing up helps my name-puller assistant (because I want to be surprised too!), but it's not 100% necessary. But the wish list is.


signups still seem to be closed (as seen in the attatched screenshot), but i will sign up manually via comment and make my wishlist anyway:
* make it adhere to as many past ludum dare themes as possible, preferably all of them at once
* bloo is the main character
* * but his sidekick/familiar/supporting character is a were-demon-furry
* pavement magnetic adrenaline bloodstain clock beads
* the game is the missing piece of the frog fractions 2 arg
* procedural content

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 09.17.17.png12.99 KB

Working Yet?

I think sign-ups for events are closed for an event as soon as it begins. I adjusted the event so that it starts at 11:59pm this coming Saturday (in my time zone), allowing sign-ups to stay open 'til then.

But ANYONE who submits a wish list as a comment by the drawing (now happening on 11 December) will be included in the drawing and receive their recipient on Sunday. I'll rescind my soft requirement that people sign up for the event, since it's pretty clear I've not had a handle on it when starting this.

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I too chris-make a game

i am signing up too.
i am okay with any dates selected, moving up or back or metric or roman numeral system.

hannukah wish list game elements:

* seltzer water
* roman numeral scoring system
* amish or gee's bend quilts
* cyberpunk
* the game lets you save your progress or outcome or whatever as paintings or has a painting program mode

oh joy

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I just realized that there's

I just realized that there's no roman numeral for 0, so the scoring would either have to start at 1, or the latin word for nothing: nulla

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Signing up

Santa pls

  • Swords, dragons, princesses, medieval fantasy stuff in general
  • Hidden things
  • Bright vibrant colors and unexpected color combinations
  • Unlockable content
  • Blocky pixel graphics or any kind of hand drawn stuff
  • Greece

PS: This is the first time I post on this website. Thx :D

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I'm happy to start earlier.

I'm happy to start earlier.

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All I want are more games vaguely inspired by Digimon World (1999, Playstation), or virtual pets.
Looking for as many of the following features as you can muster:
1) Human protagonist...
2) ...who cares for and directs an AI-controlled monster companion, but...
3) ...the monster companion cannot be directly or immediately controlled by the player in any matter
4) free exploration
5) non-sequiter, inconsistent game world
6) strange but one-dimensional NPC's
7) food (for the monster companion, who is hungry)
8) toilets (for the monster companion, who needs to poop)
9) growth, death, and rebirth (for the monster companion, who is a living thing)

Focus on whichever features above, or aesthetic elements from the game, most appeal to you!

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- Stress - Discomfort -

- Stress
- Discomfort
- Anxiety
- Chronic pain
- Psychic distress
- The feeling of being violated
- Doing something painful to yourself in order to achieve a questionable goal

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hi everyone im denson, i

hi everyone im denson, i very much like the games on this website, i would love to play this christmas game making game

my wishlist:

- christmas isnt celebrated here but everyones heard of it
- "its me, ur brother, have u forgotten me already?"
- someone called but didnt speak the language
- some kind of fucked up internet ghost
- interrupted mid sentence
- самое печальное в том, что она когда-либо слышал

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ho ho ho merry denson. may

ho ho ho merry denson. may the great pumpkin grant all your witches.

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Ho ho ho

halloween on christmas
i'm half black, so keep that in mind
i'm also vegan, so don't give me anything w/ meat
i really like high score arcade games with the ability to play it forever with ramping difficulty
i don't like rotating pixels
thank you
also dark chocolate <3

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If you draw me don't work

If you draw me don't work about the meat part :)

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heh, we'll see by the luck of the hat!

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thanks please

I would like to be able to deface things. Either with spray paint, or stickos, replacing props with my own, or some other way to fuck shit up and make things dope. I also like to go fast and jump far.

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my wishlist

immersive techno dj role playing game

- perform at the world's hottest clubs
- deal with the boredom of life on the road
- negotiate endorsement deals with lifestyle brands

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Eager to getting started!

Eager to getting started! Updating my inbox every 15 minutes :P

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Recipients All Sent!

I've been assured that all participants should have received their recipient by now.

If you have NOT, please let me know, either here or via a private message and I'll take care of it.



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Merry Xmas!

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i don't think my game's

i don't think my game's going to be ready by the deadline

please keep this in mind if your gift doesn't come up on the day!!

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Someone still has a game coming! 8-)

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in case anyone else is

in case anyone else is curious, 19 people signed up, so in theory there should be 11 more games coming eventually

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Mine is up now :D
It feels so good to finally have it done.

Dude we've totally kicked

Dude we've totally kicked last year's ass! As of this writing: 14 games submitted!!!

There are a few more on their way in, I'm sure. To all participants: please do your best to play the hell out of the games made for you. :D

Way to go, Team GT! This has been one of the best Klikmases ever!!! Let's keep the spirit strong throughout the year ahead.

In all seriousness, I'm wishing you all a prosperous and satisfying 2017. Keep your chin up. :D

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Amazing, amazing. I'm gunna shoot for my game being done tonight, it's pretty tight so far. 8-)

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Mine's coming!, it's just

Mine's coming!, it's just been so hot it's been hard to sit at a computer.

Should just be a few more days. Today's perfect vidgame making weather :D


Alas, I am running late. Just a few more days, I hope.