Merry Very, Very Belated Yuletide, let-off-yulios

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Content warning:

  • Torture.
  • Also, there are lots of moving graphics, but if your browser or operating system is set to reduce motion they should get disabled. If the 'DARE TO ENTER' text isn't flashing then things are working.

Merry Christmas 2016, let-off-studios.

LOS you are a good trainwrecker and I wanted to make sure I got this done to show my appreciation. Hope you like it.

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Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!

Holy smokes, this is just what the doctor ordered. :) This was a trip.

I almost always describe dogs barking with the same spelling you've put in there, by the way.

Thank you so much for this. Your persistence and dedication in finishing it up (and for including copious googly eyes) is much appreciated. :)

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Glad you like it!

Glad you like it!

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Holy Shit

I've only played a small portion of this, but I absolutely love it, holy crap. I'll leave a more detailed comment later

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Ooo good, looking forward to

Ooo good, looking forward to it!

i really like this game.

i really like this game. Nice 3 window layout and funny text. second time I played it I began to understand what I was looking at. very impressed by this. inspired

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Thanks! I had a lot of fun

Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing all the text, which surprised me.

whoa awesome i like that i

whoa awesome i like that i am made constantly aware of exactly what i'm seeing/touching/tasting/hearing/smelling at any moment. wonderful.

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Thanks GB! I've made

Thanks GB!

I've made another game like that (and am working on one for the Easter event), with that same kinda senses panel, if you're interested...