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December Drive (Sekret Santa 2023 for Blueberry Soft)


A game featuring a car, Godzilla lurking in the background, upbeat Christmas music, and the color "slightly-orange yellow" loosely inspired by some footage of Route-16 Turbo.

Press SHIFT to honk your horn!

NOTE: Drive SLOWLY to grab stuff in Normal Mode, you may need to drive over pickups multiple times.

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Santa's Advocate


A fairly long Christmassy psychedelic ZZT game done in the style of the legendary ZZTer Viovis/Ghettoflower. Your task is to assist Santa Claus in his fight against the Krampus, who has stolen his sleigh, by serving as Santa's advocate, a job that inexplicably involves becoming a kung fu master. There's a lot of comedic twists and turns and a very diverse art style that changes throughout the game.

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The Katelabs Advent Calendar


The Katelabs Advent Calendar! 25 doors each containing a small world makes this (I believe!?) the biggest Katelabs world to date!


Q: it runs so slowly! A: get the most recent version of Katelabs, where I sped the game up kind of specifically to handle things like this!

Q: can I open all the doors at once? A: yes, but if you do you have to leave a comment as a trade.

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Gifts of the Magi


hi everyone, this is a small game I made for a friend at school last christmas. I thought some people here might enjoy it. Thank you very much.

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Merry Very, Very Belated Yuletide, let-off-yulios


Content warning:

  • Torture.
  • Also, there are lots of moving graphics, but if your browser or operating system is set to reduce motion they should get disabled. If the 'DARE TO ENTER' text isn't flashing then things are working.

Merry Christmas 2016, let-off-studios.

LOS you are a good trainwrecker and I wanted to make sure I got this done to show my appreciation. Hope you like it.

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bloo2018 (pc)/bloo2016 (mac)


UPDATE: I have also uploaded the unfinished 2016 version that is mac exclusive that has completely different audio, polish, and graphics

I'm sorry I'm so late JumboDS64. The project file I had got deleted while working on it and then school started back up and I neglected to recreate it until now. I will post what I had of the 2016/17 version when I get Wifi.

controls are just left and right
r for restart
esc to quit

there is some stuff where you can shoot the left bullets with holding right and vice versa and whatever, but I'll let you mostly figure that out.

I may also make a html version of this, but yeah, I got real anxious about this game last night and just recreated it as best I could

Also, I think combining all the ludum dare themes was one of the biggest inspirations with this game

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Super Santa Nightmare


This is a game I've created for akair. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
What was requested: Nintendo, Snowy, Cozy, Puzzles (zelda-like), Mysteries, Adventures.
This is my very first Unity game, yay!

ARROW keys - Move santa
WASD keys - Rotate camera
SPACE (or J) - Jump
ALT+ENTER - Toggle fullscreen mode

Game objective:
Santa is late (again) and Jimmy wants his presents. Find and bring him all of his presents to finish the game.

Side quests (complete all side quests to get a "special ending"):
- Rescue a certain princess
- Meet every NPC

Fernando Aires Castello
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Santa Claus's Candy Cane Craze


Santa Claus must eat all the candy canes to open the peppermint vortex in each stage. As he eats, he gets larger, and as he gets larger his abilities change! Break through ice, avoid spikes, crawl through narrow paces, and achieve Santa's peppermint candy cane vision!
X jumps
Z restarts a level
Q quits the game

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Merry Christmas, and a Huggy New Year


Merry Christmas Hugs!

I only got to include four of the things (I made up a language, but didn't squeeze it in :( ). But I think they are good ones~

I learnt a lot making it, and had a lot of fun. Hope you like it. Can you can find the s e c r e t ?

Controls are configurable, but the defaults are

WASD to jog.
Left Ctrl to grab.
Left shift to walk.
Spacebar to jump
Backspace to restart.
Escape to quit.

If you have a controller it should work with that too--works with mine (but quit and restart are only on keyboard)!

Made with Unity 3D and Crocotile3D.

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Nutcracker Crackdown


Crack the nuts, Nutcracker! Strategically crack nuts in order to reach 10,000 points before the time runs out! Stack combos (crack the same type of nuts consecutively) to win!

Featuring a live performance by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Not KNP, but I just had to make a holiday game for the Kart!

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