Nutcracker Crackdown

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Crack the nuts, Nutcracker! Strategically crack nuts in order to reach 10,000 points before the time runs out! Stack combos (crack the same type of nuts consecutively) to win!

Featuring a live performance by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Not KNP, but I just had to make a holiday game for the Kart!

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An event


Features an interesting

Features an interesting dilemma of holding out for the same types of nuts versus tolerating as few point penalties as possible as you let other nuts slip past you.

And most definitely an INCREDIBLE sound score. Very nice!

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I found myself cracking the

I found myself cracking the bombs on purpose because even though it put my score in the negatives, I enjoyed watching that number get bigger. I like how the disincentives were so extreme that after one mistake (or experimentation) I had to decide "Am I going to spend the entire game working to get back to my starting score? Or am I going to see how deep this hole can go?"

On a particularly slow day

On a particularly slow day at work, I worked up to 10,000 points and won, then cracked bombs until I was at -10,000, then worked back up to 10,000 again using macadamia combos.

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I didn't realize the combos

I didn't realize the combos were so powerful, I should have played with that more.