Santa Claus's Candy Cane Craze

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Santa Claus must eat all the candy canes to open the peppermint vortex in each stage. As he eats, he gets larger, and as he gets larger his abilities change! Break through ice, avoid spikes, crawl through narrow paces, and achieve Santa's peppermint candy cane vision!
X jumps
Z restarts a level
Q quits the game

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An event



It's a clever combination of logic puzzle and platformer agility here. I was nearly jammed up on level 10, but a bit more trial and error and I was able to make it work.

The music choices are adorable, too! Well done. :D

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I enjoyed this. I made it to

I enjoyed this. I made it to level 10, but game up. The music reminded me of Peggle.