Super Santa Nightmare

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This is a game I've created for akair. Merry christmas and a happy new year!
What was requested: Nintendo, Snowy, Cozy, Puzzles (zelda-like), Mysteries, Adventures.
This is my very first Unity game, yay!

ARROW keys - Move santa
WASD keys - Rotate camera
SPACE (or J) - Jump
ALT+ENTER - Toggle fullscreen mode

Game objective:
Santa is late (again) and Jimmy wants his presents. Find and bring him all of his presents to finish the game.

Side quests (complete all side quests to get a "special ending"):
- Rescue a certain princess
- Meet every NPC

Fernando Aires Castello
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Congratulations on publishing your first Unity game!

I like the ideas and the hidden items. When I found the secret, I thought that was really surprising and awesome. (I actually found it by accident.)

I think the controls need a little more work. It's frustrating when the jump button doesn't respond or the player gets stuck.

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I don't have much experience with Unity so I was still trying to figure out how the character controller and collisions work, that's why the controls/collisions seem strange.

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Thank you! Lovely music and

Thank you!

Lovely music and hidden gems! :)
Very much spot on what I wished for.

This game is super hard so I haven't actually managed to beat it yet, which is a good thing. Still more things to find :)
I'll update this post when I have.

Merry Christmas!

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Glad you liked it! Hopefully

Glad you liked it!
Hopefully my next games will be more polished (because this was my first "true" attempt at game making).

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I am super player!!!

This was so cool! The secrets definitely had that very zelda 1 "they could be anywhere" kind of vibe, and the janky secret mechanic took me totally by surprise and made me re-examine how I get around the whole world.

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I see you've finished the

I see you've finished the game, congrats! Try finishing it with 0 falls for that extra challenge (jk i don't think that's even possible).

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I do like the way in which

I do like the way in which RPG exploration has been "arcade-ified," in which your ability to explore the world and talk to people is scored. Never seen anything like that before.

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I decided to put that into

I decided to put that into the game for an extra challenge, since collecting all presents would be enough to finish the game, so I created the "special ending" which requires you to meet all NPCs. I was also going to take into consideration the time taken to finish the game and how many times the player fell off the world, and that's why there are counters for that on the screen (although they don't interfere with anything). But then I thought that would be too much...

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Managed to beat it! 27:17

Managed to beat it!
27:17 mins
All NPCs
All presents
48 falls though.. :P

Very much liked the zelda sound effects when you found somethings hidden and all the dialogue you put in.
It was a real challenge and fun play, again, thank you for making this :)

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Nice score! You're welcome!