Scramble The Eggnog (for mno)

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This is the Chistmas remake of my prior game, Scramble The Eggs. It is now very merry and such. Please enjoy.

WASD / Arrow keys: move up, left, right, and down
Shift / Spacebar: action key. mostly used to progress through screens, might have a surprise or two
Escape: quit game

2018 UPDATE:
You can now play the game in fullscreen, with a custom-made EXE, as well as hear the full soundtrack in the music folder.



The line ahead of you shifts by the width, length, and height of a single stock elf.


It is in these little gaps of time afforded to you by the icy factory overseers that rumours spread through the elfen chain.

10... 9... 8... 7...

The sound of a gentle breeze, as your friends keep their breath underheard from nosy managers:

"Did you hear about unfortunate #456? She managed to scramble only two litres of eggnog!"

You did hear that. You've heard it every year for 23 years, a lie meant to strike fear in elves who start to question their work ethic.

6... 5... 4... 3...

"I'm not sure if I believe that more or less than what #585 told me about #584!"

You ask down the line what #602 was told about #584 from #585, curious as to how you missed this tidbit earlier.

2... 1... 0...

"No way! it's impossible to scramble 45 litres of eggnog in so short a-"

Your reply is cut short by the timer, in response to running out of digits, releasing another aural blare.


Download the game to read the rest of The Story dot html, as well as to conclude the narrative by YOURSELF by controlling the fate of the elves!

Yes I submitted this as a gift for myself in a secret santa event I did not formally enter, because I knew I would not be up to making something for somebody else, but also I couldn't think of a better gift to ask for than remaking one of my own games for the season (if a bit late).

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I LOVE the countdown.Did

I LOVE the countdown.

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Thanks!! I think the audio for it worked out perfectly. Also, did you mean to write more in your comment? cause the title has a word stuck in it P:

It's Dudley Moore in "Santa

It's Dudley Moore in "Santa Claus: The Movie" meets Bladerunner.

An excellent re-imagining for the occasion, mno! :)

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I'm glad you liked it!! I

I'm glad you liked it!! I haven't heard of that Santa Claus movie before but it does sound like a good, retroactive inspiration ;) I am pleased to have essentially made the Klik'n'Play version of Bladerunner, too.

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I love the way your style

I love the way your style has evolved, i particulary enjoy the PERFORM screen.

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Thanks!! I'm glad to hear

Thanks!! I'm glad to hear such earnest recognition of my growth :)

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That went in a totally

That went in a totally awesome yet unexpected direction. Really enjoyed the glitchy art style!

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Exactly my intention!! I'm

Exactly my intention!! I'm pleased you found it so awesome. I was hoping this remake would give the game much more oomph!

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It was a good slip

It was a good slip

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I like to try to always

I like to try to always respond to every comment I get on games but uh, I'm honestly not sure what this means? I hope you enjoyed playing it though!!

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I did. it was very fun.

I did. it was very fun.

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Great!! It makes me glad

Great!! It makes me glad that my eggnog scrambling game continues to bring fun :)