Fear And Loathing in Wumpistan

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Behold a twine text adventure game for ihavefivehat. What they asked for: stress, discomfort, anxiety, chronic pain, psychic distress, the feeling of being violated, etc. I found this a (good) challenge since I'm actually an optimist, whatever that means.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please do avail yourself of the youtube soundtrack link. It'll improve play.

Twine games are like comics. Don't read too fast!

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Nice game. I guess the protagonist must not have a very good spatial orientation if any of the directions just lead them through random rooms until they get outside? The Vatican Shadow's song reminded me of Spec Ops: The Line soundtrack.

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thanks. yeah, maybe i

thanks. yeah, maybe i should have made the 'maze' harder. i actually always hated that part of the text version of hunt the wumpus tho. i guess i solved it for myself by making the order semi-irrelevant but maybe that's half the fun.

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Oh no too late! This was a

Oh no too late!

This was a good experience. I assume there are no nice endings, so I stopped playing when the music ended.

Also, I read all my comics and Twines fast and regret nothing.

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Soon after the music ended I

Soon after the music ended I fell into the bottomless pit of molten lava :(
I like how you have to select "death" to actually die

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There is some neat cyberpunk

There is some neat cyberpunk fiction in here. I really like the idea of industrial-music bands broadcasting encrypted data locally as they perform.

The well-lit photos of crawl-spaces and basements is neat to me because cyberpunk is typically colored with high contrast neons and such and it's neat to see a less idealized realization of the world where freedom is forced to live underground.

Plugging your ears, blindfolding yourself and waiting to die works really well as an ambient auditory comparison to the provided soundtrack. I feel that this track is intended as escapism and expresses the particular optimism which is achievable in the circumstance of the protagonist. It's melodic, but the instrumentation feels tensioned and the foundational drones are gritty hums from which I infer some sort of comfort in the radiating network of electrical power and surveillance that our protagonist never benefits from in any way but this one.

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Great commentary. Thank you

Great commentary. Thank you