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Labirinto do Dragão


A horrible text-based puzzle game I made back in 2010, a hybrid between minesweeper and Hunt The Wumpus.

Sorry it's all written in Portuguese, but the game should be self-explanatory (but it's not) and even if you don't understand Portuguese this will probably just make it more cryptic than it already is.

Fernando Aires Castello
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Fear And Loathing in Wumpistan

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Behold a twine text adventure game for ihavefivehat. What they asked for: stress, discomfort, anxiety, chronic pain, psychic distress, the feeling of being violated, etc. I found this a (good) challenge since I'm actually an optimist, whatever that means.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Please do avail yourself of the youtube soundtrack link. It'll improve play.

Twine games are like comics. Don't read too fast!

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