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Merry Coristmas, Sergio

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Christmas game for Sergio!

Of your requests I mostly just went with 'or draw all the graphics on paper' and 'dream world', and anything else that fits is a nice coincidence. Many mysterious errors in life and Unity appeared, but everything was overcome with no compromises :D

Hope you like my/your pretty game.

I've added Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. Hopefully the lack of mouse control avoids the usual Mac and Linux errors.

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I actually made this game with my friend quite a while ago, but it was hidden away on a distant website. So! I uploaded it to GameJolt so that it gets more exposure. I'm still pretty happy with it.

An art game, in that it's a game about making art!

You are presented with a rude image! It's your task to use the drawing tools to turn the rude image into something nice and family friendly!

You can then submit the finished image to the gallery where others can vote on it's niceness or rudeness! Or, go straight to the gallery and rate other works!

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The Next Game Artist


A certain notorious gaming website is holding a new reality show to find the best indie game artist! Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

IGN's The Next Game Boss
Jon Blow's Painter
A certain Jesse Venbrux game.

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