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Bower Island - for Petra


Ho, ho, ho, Merrrryyyy Klikmas Petra!!! Bower Island is a printable zine game in which you draw up a happy little house for your animal friends to live in during the rainy season. Explore Bower Island, collect goodies and meet your animal friends. I hope you will fine it calm and comforting.

The .zip has two PDFs - "Bower Island" is for reading on its own in a PDF viewer, but "Bower Island - booklet" is for printing into a zine. To do so, print double sided and use "Flip on Short Edge". If your printing program doesn't specify which edge to flip on, in my experience they tend to default to the wrong way. Chrome's printing feature can specify the edge to flip on, though. Once it's printed out, just fold and staple.

For Petra, who requested:

Bats and animals (like everything, but check out sables if you want to see a particularly fluffy thing today)
Furries and anthro stuff
Cozy huggy affectionate things
Neat sprots
Cozy/chill/cute vibes
queer shit hell yeah
I keep thinking about how Guan's Island on itch plays what with just being explory with no combat or anything, I think that's interesting
Little (semi-)hidden areas

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