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Game File: 

running instructions: extract zip and then run draculoid.exe
if you've got one of those not-windows, install python and run main.py
edit options.ini for graphics purposes
highscores are stored in savegame.pickle
esc to close

babycastles friends: please take care to follow instructions on bcepistolary.pdf
the rest is up to you

the first comment below will probably be someone telling me it doesn't work
I'll fix whatever problems there are in the morning.
(you don't have to tell me the date on the pdf is wrong)

update: if the other download doesn't work, there's a file attached below that should work good. In that one, just run the exe.
Also, the full screen doesn't really work too good. I'll patch it if there's interest, but y'know.

Made For: 
An event
Draculoid-0.1-win.zip51.79 MB


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Name input: amazing.

Next piece joke: also amazing. It is a joke, right?

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john cleese

omg this is so hard!!!!!!! i'm pretty terrible at arcade games so i wasn't built for this type of experience. i topped out at 35. it felt really well polished. i also loved the name selection and i love how the music changed. the bow is such a jerk!!!!!!!!!!!! lol also i have no idea what the next piece thing was

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Interesting but a little

Interesting but a little clumsy... I think it could be refined into something neat

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Yeah, that's totally fair, I think the idea carries it.