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The No Pressure Game


The No Pressure Game

NOTE: please turn your volume down before starting the game, as the amount of audio playing simultaneously could be overwhelming.

I made this minimalist management sim in a couple hours because I wanted to have a simple project I could finish within a day. it's an abstract representation of managing my internal and external states. it is in design silly, but in influence somewhat serious.

you can affect the bars with the mouse, by hovering over one of the five sprites in the lower half of the screen. or, alternatively, not hovering over any of them.

there is no ending, nor any goals to reach, despite what the text on screen might suggest. the purpose is to experiment with how different factors interact, and to hear the associated pieces of audio swaying in and out of focus.

made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 by nikki
all graphics from Clickteam's Klipart libraries
font is from the Text Blitter extension by Christopher Lightfoot

audio sources:

Autechre - Hub
Autechre & The Hafler Trio - ha3oe
Aphex Twin - Tassels
Legowelt's Junoy 106 and Roland JD800kit sample packs
The Electronic Music Manuscript by Richard Devine
Vintage Sound Effects by Craig Smith on
Cryostasis, Half-life 2, Silent Hill 2, Halo 3, Paper Mario

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no world

no world banner.png

don't be fooled by the file size, you can beat the game in 10sec.
end goal: find the black knight

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Happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it! (This game has nothing to do with thanksgiving, though)

I made this game tonight after still being somewhat inebriated from earlier and not being able to sleep. It probably doesn't make sense / is total nonsense but enjoy!

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