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Happy thanksgiving if you celebrate it! (This game has nothing to do with thanksgiving, though)

I made this game tonight after still being somewhat inebriated from earlier and not being able to sleep. It probably doesn't make sense / is total nonsense but enjoy!

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Pig Wars


You are Sir Pigalot, universal space bounty hunter of intrigue. These are but one of your adventures.
Please do not play if you are subject to epilepsy. Thank you.
I thought there was a deadline. If you have trouble with the text just type 0(zero).
For the asteroid section, the victory condition is losing.(get yourself hit to win)

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screenshot Atira!.png

Stupid game where you need to kill the giant nude who vomits fishes over you.

Controls: Up and Down to move, Z to shoot and Enter to skip title.

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Incomprehensible Baking Hero

incomprehensible baking hero.png

Blame the Video Game Name Generator for this one. The recipes are actually consistent, so it's possible to get good at this if you wanted to for some reason.

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