White Guys on Strobe


The story of a man who just can't get close to anybody

MUSIC BY: Viacom Duckman!

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Breaking Bread


UPDATE: You can now play this game on with added music and sound. I noticed that the html version hosted on GT didn't work anymore, so I uploaded to itch. This version has some sound effects and some music that I wrote originally intended for this game, but I never put in until now.

The player can watch episodes of a popular TV program at home and go outside to socialize. The velociraptor only wants to talk about TV! Talk to your velociraptor friend about TV!

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warning old man


Witam i zapraszam do wspaniałych maszyn konia symulatora. OSTRZEŻENIE starego podejścia MAN. nie akceptuje układ ograniczenia pomarańczy. Komputer demontować z OSTRZEŻENIE i starych atak człowieka. Skrzywić się krzyk od hotelu.

안녕하세요 그리고 아름다운 말 시뮬레이터 기계에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 경고 오래된 접근법 사람. 시스템은 오렌지의 한계를 허용하지 않습니다. 경고 컴퓨터를 분해하고 오래된 사람을 공격한다. 주춤 호텔에서 외침.

Made For: 
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