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The Golden Hornet's Venomous Bite

Golden Hornet SC.png

I think I spelled venomous wrong in the game, but oh well, you get the point.

I was going to post what my story was supposed to be, but I can't because I got the blue screen of death before I copied it down, but trust me, this is based on a plot generated thing.

Haha, have fun!

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Escape from the Crazy Place


You've been locked in a padded cell for no obvious reason with only a deranged hamburger-eating clown for company. The cell doesn't even have a door. So begins an adventure that will take you to many places including custard-filled caverns, the world's worst Indian restaurant, the planet Venus, and the inside of a cereal packet. You'll meet such strange characters as the peculiar Plugalug, the mysterious Cow of Honour, Rampateuay of the Hills (a prophet who predicts things he's about to do) and the sinister Boss.

Can YOU make it alive through the forest of the Ostrich People? Fathom the mysteries of the marmalade satnav? Survive the mutiny on the 'Milky Way'? Discover why you have ham on the brain, ham on the brain, ham on the ham on the ham on the brain? Can YOU escape from the Crazy Place?

Written over 33 years, Escape from the Crazy Place is a sprawling TWINE game with over 90,000 words of text. It is also an example of exquisite corpse writing, combining the talents of around twenty different authors. Some wrote just a passage or two, others wrote dozens.

This new TWINE version was originally intended to be a trimmed-down, more polished version of the 2006 TADS 2 version, but myself and my friends Loz Etheridge and Mark Bailey got a bit carried away, and somehow or other the 2017 version ended up being two-and-a-half times the size of the original. The game will continue to expand as I intend never to stop adding to it.

"Like the twisted literary lovechild of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Homsar, Escape From the Crazy Place is quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever touched!" Ryusui -

"I've been playing your online Escape from the Crazy Place for the last half hour and I have to say it's... well, the best damn thing I've ever seen ever." Sprite - The Adrift Forum.

"This is a surrealist gem. I've never beaten it, despite spending some time on it, but the remarkably surreal world kind of sucks you and drags you along." Bad Dog Studios - IFDB.

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Breaking Bread


UPDATE: You can now play this game on with added music and sound. I noticed that the html version hosted on GT didn't work anymore, so I uploaded to itch. This version has some sound effects and some music that I wrote originally intended for this game, but I never put in until now.

The player can watch episodes of a popular TV program at home and go outside to socialize. The velociraptor only wants to talk about TV! Talk to your velociraptor friend about TV!

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On a Scale from Zero to Space, this Game is Space


5 oz of Space
Pinch of Star dust
1 Warp Core
2 tbsp of Space Cocaine
Pinch of endangered asteroid
Add space prostitutes, to taste

-Mix all ingredients together.
-Throw the mix into the sun to cook.
-Go forward in time, to the heat death of the universe to receive completed product.
-Serves one.

Damian Sommer and Zoe Quinn
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police bear


in this story adventure, join OFFICER CUBBY in learning about the dynamics at the heart of the recent confrontations between protesters and police that have been going on all over america, if not the entire globe!

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Give Yourself Klikbumps

Picture 11.png

Give yourself goosebumps with Give Yourself Klikbumps, with a grand total of ten and a half endings to find! With absolutely no relation to the book series by R. L. Stine. None at all, ever.

The zip file contains Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

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Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach
Game by PsySal ( -
Made on Feb 28, 2010 for the KLIK HARDER PIRATE KART II


You play this game in NOTEPAD.EXE or similar text editor. It's like a choose-your-own
adventure story.

Sometimes, you'll be told to "go to [N]" where N is a number. You can get there by
hitting CTRL+F (for find) and entering in [N]. Easy!

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Pirate Kart 2



Make a choice, little bug.

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Pirate Kart 2
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