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Tropical Lima Beans


This is a very straightforward exploration-based area, focused mainly on visuals/ambience and the classic "find all power-ups in order to unlock the path to the exit" KS formula. There are a few very simple challenges here and there and a secret red artifact you can try to collect. Features custom graphics (tileset+gradient+a few COs) and a new ambience track I made by mixing some public domain sounds I got from

The screen with the umbrella leads to a dead end from where you can see a hollow area. I think this could be used for hiding another bonus and/or connecting to another area. Suggestions are welcome. The same goes for the background music (there's none at this moment, I can't decide if I should include a song or just let the custom ambience track do all the job).

Unique screens: 33 (not counting the duplicates used to fill up the sky)
Powers used: Run (available from the start), Climb, Double Jump, Umbrella, Eye, High Jump, Hologram.
Collectibles: Red artifact #1, Blue artifact #2.

* KS+ is required (uses artifacts, the overlay feature, a water OCO and an attachment for cave areas).

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Crab My Passion


eine kleine krabbespiegel

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GraveLord of the Fireflies and the Tree of Life


Here's a short local multiplayer game that you can easily play by yourself, but it's recommended to be played with one other person.

It also has a cool keyboard setting that you should check out!

One of the backgrounds is edited from 1078 Weird Textures
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Sea Glass Beach Blaster


An intergalactic space battle as told through beach debris.

*new version, recompiled on GM Studio instead of GM8. Works on Windows 8.

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Stork Ride


Keep the child safe and sound.
Avoid obstacles and enemies.
Sand is safe.

Any key - lower or raise baby.

Each second - 1 point
Mango (checkpoint) - 50 points
Kiwifruit (bonus) - 100 points
Collision - lose 100 points

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Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach
Game by PsySal ( -
Made on Feb 28, 2010 for the KLIK HARDER PIRATE KART II


You play this game in NOTEPAD.EXE or similar text editor. It's like a choose-your-own
adventure story.

Sometimes, you'll be told to "go to [N]" where N is a number. You can get there by
hitting CTRL+F (for find) and entering in [N]. Easy!

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Pirate Kart 2
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