Sea Glass Beach Blaster

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An intergalactic space battle as told through beach debris.

*new version, recompiled on GM Studio instead of GM8. Works on Windows 8.

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An event


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What a splash screen. I

What a splash screen.

I keep getting thrown because the ship's hitbox is the same as the sprite, but this is a nice Konami-esque shooter with calming music. I like the music almost as much as that splash screen.

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Thanks for playing! The

Thanks for playing!

The splash screen was created by Amon26 for me, it looks awesome. Happy to hear you mention Konami, I was going for a Gradius/Lifeforce style game, glad to hear that's coming through.

I'm curious to know more about why you were being thrown off by the hit box? The hit box on the ship is everything except for the top and bottom tips of the back of triangle (a little clearance for the player to get by obstacles). What sort of hitbox would you be expecting when you play?

Thanks again :-)

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Well, I guess I'm used to

Well, I guess I'm used to bullet hell type games, where the hitbox is often very small (maybe the size of the windshield on your ship's cockpit).

I don't think it's a bad thing!, just not what I am used to.

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"Works on Windows 8." Works

"Works on Windows 8." Works in Wine, too (except for the music)!

I really, really liked the alternate theme you picked for this! Now I'd kind of like to see other genres reimagined in different settings. First half of the second level felt a bit empty.

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Finished! All four bosses

Finished! All four bosses went down quickly with a powered up ship and the first two levels dragged a bit with empty stretches and repetitions of the same simple challenges, but the later levels and enemies forced me to move around and I don't think you were intending to make a difficult game in the first place.

Love the art style, bittersweet ending.

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Hey, thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for playing! Appreciate the feedback.

I agree, there are issues with pacing/balancing. Found it was difficult to gage difficulty when you make your own game since you know what is coming and when. Going to make an Ouya version and plan to address those empty patches. I thought the empty bits would act like a breather but I see that's turning people off.