Breaking Bread

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UPDATE: You can now play this game on with added music and sound. I noticed that the html version hosted on GT didn't work anymore, so I uploaded to itch. This version has some sound effects and some music that I wrote originally intended for this game, but I never put in until now.

The player can watch episodes of a popular TV program at home and go outside to socialize. The velociraptor only wants to talk about TV! Talk to your velociraptor friend about TV!

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I hope there's not too many spoilers

I'll check it out regardless though. It has piqued my interest. I like the screenshot, so minimalist, and question and answer object is the one thing i want to overspam.. but i can't bring myself to control its power! It's such a pretty screenshot and really makes the player think they're there, and I THINK I get the gist of the screenshot because I watch it, it could be lots of fun for computer people too. You have to make sure you get really deep into the depths of things to grasp and undrstand the computer people. Take a new hampshire and really use it to unearth the states and you too will know what it's like to experience the bread.

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It is mostly spoilers

A screencap is worth a thousand words. Thanks, I hope you check it out! 8-)

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This game spoils every

This game spoils every aspect of Breaking Bad in the most thorough way I can concieve of.

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Why is the screenshot

Why is the screenshot missing the Denny's sign? Are there mysteries to this game I have yet to uncover, or was it just made earlier in development?

I love what you're doing with this game. I'd like to share it with all my Breaking Bad watching friends, but they all run 64-bit Windows (which can't handle K&P games) and I can't do a quick 'n' dirty TGF1 port because the font is slightly larger for the Q&A boxes and the text goes off the screen. I hope you or somebody else here thinks of a way to easily make this more compatible/accesible, as I'd love to see it get some wider exposure.

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lol, yeah, it was an earlier version of the game, but there are some eastereggs. Could I make the text smaller or edit so you could port it? 8-)

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I changed it!

I changed it!

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The file uploaded seems to

The file uploaded seems to be identical. Which is OK, maybe! I'm talking to bc_ about maybe making a quick Flash port instead of (or in addition to) a TGF one... don't know if font size factors into that, but if you've already made another version and just not uploaded it, maybe it would be handy to have just in case.

EDIT: since this hasn't made it into the decription yet, bc_ has done a Flash port for this. bc_ made this webpage for the game, I also uploaded one here that's centred and less colourful.

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This game made me realize

This game made me realize that Klik & Play can be used to make Twine-like stories.

The document transferred

The document transferred appears to be indistinguishable. Which is OK, perhaps! I'm conversing with BC about perhaps making a brisk Flash port rather than (or notwithstanding) a TGIF one... don't know whether font size components into that, however in the event that you've effectively made an alternate form and simply not transferred it, possibly it might be convenient to have to be safe.
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I didn't have it in me to

I didn't have it in me to delete this fascinating spam rewording of my above comment.

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If anybody asks me my

If anybody asks me my opinions on Breaking Bad, this game has given me the power to say something, which will probably be "I don't know I watched every episode on fast forward".