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Gooshlands Gathering


These worlds were formed from many oozes, of slimy substances that pound, mix and mash.
The slippery sludges of daily mundanity converge into a lake of strange splendor, and The Gooshlands are born.

This is a pack of four worlds you can explore in Katelabs:

  • Gooshlands, a mish-mash created via a collaboration with several friends
  • Desert Pilgrimage, a map which sends you on a long journey across red-hot dunes
  • Magic Carpet, in which rainbow carpets shoot sparkles to stress-test your PC
  • Boxforest, a ghostly indoor grove

These worlds are in open beta, and more will be added to them over time, probably.

Make sure your copy of Katelabs is up to date before you begin.

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A tolerate-em-up about life in the desert. Can YOU withstand the fly onslaught without losing your mind?

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Look Through Telescopes In The Desert


in the game you look through telescopes in a "desert" environment

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Musi Panda


if you press 1 and 2 you can switch between the editor and the panda

editor instructions
press keys a-h to create different notes
press backspace to delete notes


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Space Desert Adventure???


Yeah putzed around with unity a bit. call it an art game!

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A Jetpack in a Desert


Famous fortune cookie novelist and spare time adventurer Jack Derby is lost in a desert. His only way out is a Jetpack. Can you find it and help Jack escape?

An incredibly frustrating and time consuming trainwreck made for Pirate Kart V.

I hope you enjoy :)

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MAVERICK DESERT BUS must drive from Tuscon to Las Vegas in real-time to get a point
MAVERICK DESERT BUS veers slightly to the right
MAVERICK DESERT BUS will crush any bug that comes his way at the 264.4 mile mark
MAVERICK DESERT BUS can only travel at 45mph

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Pirate Kart 2
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