Archipelago Casanova

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Explore the six islands of Archipelago Casanova, the islands of the Lords.

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Thikk Atmosphere

Just like you've done in Seaborg's Manor, the two-colour world you've built here is immense and pushes the boundaries and expectations of what people can expect to be made with "tiny game builders" like Bitsy. I am immensely impressed!

So many thoughts about trying to develop a context that helps me relate to it better, even as I'm sucked into its originality. It's an awesome combination of the storytelling and puzzles of Myst, the accessibility of sokoban, the overworld of Super M*rio World, and even the visual flair of old-skool Uncharted Waters on the NES. This was so much fun to explore, and just as much to look at. Well done. :)

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Wow thanks..!!