noontooth - les dents du midi FOR QUASIOTTER

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Game File (Linux): 

Learn the art of harmonic climbing!

Briefly meet a few cuties!

Win the biggest bag of milk in the world!

quasiotter's Sekrit Santa Wish List:
An input dedicated to [a normal human action] that doesn't affect gameplay at all
press C while climbing to cough!
A demake of the first level of your third favourite game, but no-one would actually know it's referencing that game unless you told them
songs feature from my favorite games, although it isn't subtle
Hidden quote from Helen Keller (it can't be the main objective, it's a SECRET! SHHHHHH!)
Secret level had to be cut in the interest of time
Imprecise photogrammetry* for 3.5 objects (*photo textures on a mesh)
No meshes, but many photo textures
Sensory overload that will definitely not crash the game on any computer
Gameplay is restricted to 1 dimension (i.e. can move along the Z-axis only), though the world can be 2D or 3D
The only direction you move in this game is up the mountain.
Someone under 10 or over 60 is the director and/or level designer and/or environment artist and/or foley artist for this
The largest bag of milk in the world. I'm not kidding
It's big.
The skybox subtly reminds you of your dad, without actually looking like him (alt: a friend with really great teeth)
This was made in the level editor of a game you wish more people would play (if it's not a free game, or if it's on a console, make it an auto level [completed without any input] and record it to video please, but if it's the video then it would be funny if you used a bad camera to record the screen and you have to run an executable to see the video instead of posting it to a video hosting site lol)
You need to get this off your chest, so just dump it in this game
Some emotions conveyed in this game are mine.
You never thought you would make a game this tiny
Actually it's pretty big, but the window is only 800x600
You really just wanted to make some characters that you would date if they were real
All characters were designed with maximum datability in mind.

Download the windows one if you're running windows, or the python one if you have python installed.

Read the readme for more information, or contact me on discord at TheCakeFlavor#4666.

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i saw the light

ummm i never expected to laugh really loud playing a climbing visual novel with smashmouth?!?! i'm really, really impressed with how ridiculous this is. this is magic ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the fact that you have to [spoiler]marry[/spoiler] is right up my alley. i can't believe you put that in

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Marry milk bag? I hardly

Marry milk bag? I hardly know them!

My character is so oblivious. Monica is supposedly the interesting one because she wears cowgirl clothes, but Challant can control the minds of birds. This all seemed like an elaborate ruse they put me up to so that they could figure out which one of them I was into.

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i really liked controlling

i really liked controlling the speed/ rhythm of the song with how I typed. It was nice getting to feel like I had some sort of ability to manipulate the song while just following along. It was so rewarding when I could go fast!! In the end it was worth it too, because now the bird whisperer and I are as one.

Well Done

Fantastically clever combination of rhythm, music, and typing tutor. Totally didn't see the dating sim part until I was in the thick of it.

Nice work!!!

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"Largest bag of milk in the

"Largest bag of milk in the world. I'm not kidding -- It's big."
It took a while to get the game running because of my antivirus. The game made me laugh quite a bit. The fact that Monica doesn't know what Anime is almost convinced me to marry her. But in the end, how could I not choose the milk bag? It's big.

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noontooth custom

Make your own noontooth level!
Attached below are cut down versions of noontooth that are easier to make levels for.
I've annotated all the important parts to make it easier to work.
Ask me if you have any questions.

edit: fixed really silly mistake

noontoothcustomwin.zip63.06 MB
noontoothcustompyt.zip85.36 MB
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i love cowboy wife the

i love cowboy wife
the mechanic was really cool. the first time through a level is frustrating because it's hard to know what the timing is supposed to be ahead of time, but on the occasions that i went through a level a few times (mostly to try to get a screenshot of monica saying "what the fuck is an anime") i started to feel like i understood how the songs should go, and it felt like i was getting better at something, like playing an instrument.

i could have done with nicer sound samples though. the high pitched sin waves were really grating