Flamingo Quest

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A story about a Flamingo I know

Flamingo Quest follows a girl raised by flamingos. Set in the Top Secret Neon Pink Planet universe but you don't need to read any external material to understand this

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An event


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This was neat! I got to the

This was neat! I got to the end but it seems like I was missing two items... and one token that seems out of reach on the wakeboarding section.

I appreciate the abundance of slides in your work.


After picking up Token #5 in a small dead-end cave, it seemed like I was caught on a section of floor and couldn't escape it. Using the Magic Mirror and squawking (and sometimes using both simultaneously) didn't seem to fix things. Any ideas on what to do there?

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Someone else told me about

Someone else told me about this. The invisible wall is in the way, press ESC, save and quit, and then reload (only the room is saved, not your physical location, so you won't be stuck in the wall anymore)

Another Great Adventure

Enjoyed this a lot! The wakeboarding is a fantastic game-within-a-game, and I rocked it out on Broken Board Mode. :) Also was totally digging your homage(s) to Cool Slide 1 in there when I started really flying.

One funny thing about it you may want to fix: the results for Broken Board Mode still return the message, "That's 4 laps!" You go round a bit more than that, eh?

And is there any way to look up how many Tokens you'd collected? I think I picked up all 10.

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thank you! And you can hit

thank you! And you can hit Esc to pause and see your tokens. There's 10. You can also save it on that menu, too.

As for the laps, I was going to fix it, but I thought it was funny to just leave it like that.

This is such a cute little

This is such a cute little adventure! I think I was missing something about wakeboarding though, because there was one token high in the air that I couldn't get and I have no idea how to get 3000 points....

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Thank you! And the secret to

Thank you! And the secret to wakeboarding is wall riding. Press up against walls to build up combos (it's buggy, but I kept it in because it was more fun) and then that combo multiplies by the hang time. This can help you both get to 3000, and get the token

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I liked how my ending forgot

I liked how my ending forgot all of my previous struggles and just kinda washed them away.

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This was a nice world to

This was a nice world to look into! I love the flamingo girl and I hope her new adventures will go well.

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Thank you for making a cute

Thank you for making a cute little game! I made fan art. I love the world and flamingo and alienation for other people (:--/)

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thank you so much!!!

thank you so much!!!