Worryspider in Picnic Panic

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A simple little high score game. Try to collect as many apples as you can for your picnic date with your friend. c:

It's inspired by and a fangame of "Worryspider in: The Garden" by &t / bpseudopod. Please go play it, it's wonderful!
The character was created by and belongs to them. I love this anxious little spiderling so much.

It's probably a bit too hard, and the controls take some time getting used to.
I recommend looking at the 'how to play' screen.

~ controls ~
arrow keys - move left and right
X - shoot a spiderweb in a straight line
C - shoot a spiderweb in a diagonal line
hold X or C and use the arrow keys to swing from the web
release X or C to let go of the web

Go get those apples~
Can you beat my own high score of 12?

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An event


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A difficult game where you collect as many apples as you can? This is certainly a worryspider game!

I love games with pendulum physics, and controlling worryspider is a lot of fun.

This game feels like it has a lot of love in it, from the evocative backgrounds to the kind messages at the score screen.

This is great!

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Yay, thank you so much! Glad

Yay, thank you so much! Glad you had fun. <3

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Nice game!

Hey, your game is very fun! I liked physics a lot. The game is killing time well.

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Thank you! c: I'm really

Thank you! c: I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
What's your highest score so far?

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My best score is...


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Spider Swing

Spider like game feel! I like the action arcade progression. I love this web mechanic, would be fun to see used in other ways too.

Cool game

That's a lovely little game, it's really nicely done :)

I just try it now, and yea I

I just try it now, and yea I enjoy this game too, however, this game is fun to play while I'm free.