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Kitteys Fruit (BETA) feat. Dizzy and Heavy


I met some friends in April and we made some art for a game!!

this is a beta version... music and other stuff will be added later!!!

art by mariken, dizzy and heavy
dizzy's twitter -
heavy's website - (to be added)

This is Kitteys Fruit --
get the fruit, get the high score, be the kittey.

controls --
any key - next frame in introductions
arrow keys - move
spacebar - dash move, become invulnerable for a short amount of time. watch your energy meter!

special thanks --
sylvie for typing the word kittey a lot

Mariken, Dizzy and Heavy
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Flight Simulator 20XX Infinity


Pilot across skylines, oceans, deserts, real mountain ranges, real-time weather simulations, the planets and beyond... EVERY. ATOM. PROCEDURAL.

How to play:

1. Squint really really hard
2. Have a dear friend softly whisper in your ear: "You are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020... You are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020..."
3. Press 'H' to view list of controls

Sponsored by Bing Maps.

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An event
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BINKY V: Binky's UFO


The fifth in the award winning BINKY Series.

BINKY has gotten a UFO. Oh no, is BINKY Planning to attack the city?
It's up to you to decide, in BINKY V: Binky's UFO.

WASD - movement
Arrow Keys - movement

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An event
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strawberry plane


yowza, those spaceships mean serious business. defend your delectable strawberry with your life!!
pressing shift makes lasers.

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Pirate Kart 2
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2player game! find out if you and your friend are an airplane together

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Pirate Kart 2
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