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Country Bear's Race To The Finish


Ready... set... go! These are the words you hear as the starter fires his pistol, announcing the beginning of the race. You take off running, with your eye on the prize. The finish line is just within reach... your heart is pounding, and you're running with all your might! All of these things and more can be found when you try out Family Fun Home Entertainment's latest Country Bear title, Country Bear's Race To The Finish! Join your beloved friend, Country Bear, as he guides you or your child through a self-esteem boosting journey from the start to the finish. Remember to keep your eye on the prize as you play your way through Country Bear's Race To The Finish!

Also available is a 32-bit Enhanced build, which features slightly improved graphics and sound. Download this version if you use Windows Vista or higher and don't want to have to run emulators to play the game.

Ian M. Burton
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