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homer hell one


homer hell one is probably my first unity game
bart in hell

credits giovanni stradano
homer simpson from simpson's hit n run
bart the general theme song

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Home R Where The Heart Is


check out the web version on your phone!

for global game jam
the theme was what home means to you
i saw a lot more serious/narrative games this year
seems like a bad idea because people will probably "not go all the way"
or go part of the way just to be evocative
or to be real twee or whatever
though, some of the games that I had liked this year were the more heart warming ones

at home, when my family celebrates christmas,
we put a black santa on top of the tree
i found out recently that my grandma painted him black so he would look like my grandpa

these sprites are mostly color edited to look black
there is a history of black bart bootleg memorabilia
parallels with my black santa
in many of these shirts there will be multiple black barts all crowding around
sometimes all hitting on a woman with a big butt
one of my favorites was my former roommate's boyfriend's shirt that she would wear
it had multiples of different looking barts in a roller coaster
and it says "Bébé's Kids" which is a 90's animated comedy about a black family
that doesn't look anything similar to the simpsons

the sprites i edited are from the konami simpsons arcade beat em up
when the simpsons touch each other, sometimes they do their team attacks
i added a homer strangling bart animation
i was surprised this classic motif from the simpsons,
of homer strangling bart was not in the arcade game at all
i added this in place of having homer and bart's team attack

the sounds are primarily from click team fusion's free sound library
with the exception of a vocal recording of "fuck off mom"

Black Andrew, Konami
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What is Game?


Discusses the metaphysics of gaming plus two short stories

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Worker & Parasite: The Game



Back in June, inspired by Silly Family and the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games, I set out to make a fake arcade game adaptation of Worker and Parasite. Things were looking good. Unfortunately, they weren't playing good, so I removed all the gameplay and sent the art asset filled Game Maker file to my original inspiration, rhetoricstu. This is what we created.

Mark Gobbin provided the music, a remix of Jonkvrouwe by Goto80.

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