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Black Andrew, Konami

check out the web version on your phone!

for global game jam
the theme was what home means to you
i saw a lot more serious/narrative games this year
seems like a bad idea because people will probably "not go all the way"
or go part of the way just to be evocative
or to be real twee or whatever
though, some of the games that I had liked this year were the more heart warming ones

at home, when my family celebrates christmas,
we put a black santa on top of the tree
i found out recently that my grandma painted him black so he would look like my grandpa

these sprites are mostly color edited to look black
there is a history of black bart bootleg memorabilia
parallels with my black santa
in many of these shirts there will be multiple black barts all crowding around
sometimes all hitting on a woman with a big butt
one of my favorites was my former roommate's boyfriend's shirt that she would wear
it had multiples of different looking barts in a roller coaster
and it says "Bébé's Kids" which is a 90's animated comedy about a black family
that doesn't look anything similar to the simpsons

the sprites i edited are from the konami simpsons arcade beat em up
when the simpsons touch each other, sometimes they do their team attacks
i added a homer strangling bart animation
i was surprised this classic motif from the simpsons,
of homer strangling bart was not in the arcade game at all
i added this in place of having homer and bart's team attack

the sounds are primarily from click team fusion's free sound library
with the exception of a vocal recording of "fuck off mom"

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Bebe's Kids Reference Goes Here

Had a lot of fun playing with this...!

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Intense stuff I don't really

Intense stuff I don't really have the words to talk about behind the guise of the funny family...
1: I recall some comic that is hopefully still online about the king of the hill kid doing therapy for bart simpson and the family guy...
2: I think this game's context begs the question of an eventual Bébé's Kids fangame?

Culture Clash

I agree. I kind of just opted to turn a blind eye to the context, and fiddled round with the in-game mechanics.

Beyond reading deeply into the potential cultural and symbolic significance of what's at play (no pun intended, necessarily), I enjoyed it.

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Thanks for playing!

gisbrecht - I should check out this comic.
I also have had plans of adding the cast of Bébé's Kids to a game I haven't released yet.
Have you played the actual Bébé's Kids game? I have for some reason, feels like a magicdweedoo game lol

let-off-studios - I'm glad you or anyone enjoys this in any way. :-p

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Here's the comic.

Here's the comic.

P.S. Game is great!!

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Toyed with this for ages,

Toyed with this for ages, over several sessions, just exploring how it works. Every state it's in feels like a unique picture.

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ty for the comment!
flan, has been forming this style of "ambient games" and I think some of that rubbed off on me

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I find this pretty

I find this pretty interesting.
Not only are these established characters, but if you've played the game, these animations feel established as well. And if you have just watched the show, some of the animations like Homer strangling Bart are also well established. This knowledge by the audience feels like material.
I find the stage itself particularly interesting. It's this sitcom set in the sky that the player can reset at will. The sky is such an interesting choice. All the homes floating around in the background seem like other episodes or scenes. The whole thing feels like instanced permutations of the Simpsons mode-of-operation being presented as glances into some primordial Simpsons ooze.

The story about your grandma in the description is awesome.

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oh wow, 'Simpsons ooze'
thank you for this comment, it makes me want to just make more games!
have you watched much simpsons?
i actually wasn't allowed to when it was in it's prime, but i played the game plenty of times in pizza shops

also, my great-grandma used to give cards to my mom with scribbled in brown faces, it's a family legacy

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I'm in love with your

I'm in love with your grandma-chain.

I watched a ton of Simpsons, before the internet was popular it was the funniest mainstream thing anyone knew about so everyone my age watched it regularly.

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This is super awesome. I

This is super awesome. I loved watching the sprites develop on twitter, and hearing about the tradition of black bart / santa. It's interesting how far this game goes away from the very weighty / twee interpretations that you'd expect from this theme, being so airy (literally, as clyde touched on) and disposable.

Also, I tried so hard to keep Bleedin' Gums Murphy on screen, but he just won't stick around. Then, I guess that's canonical :(

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john coltrane

this is wonderful