Quantum Teleporter Smasher

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THE POWERS THAT BE have invented the Quantum Teleporter, a teleporter that copies the user, creates the copy at the destination, and destroys the original. This raises a lot of philosophical questions, such as: does this kill the user? The answer to this question is very simple. YES. The government wants to force us to use these teleporters. So it's time to rebel, and break them!

A survival game where you have to score as high as you can and cause as much damage as you can before you are inevitably stopped.

Music by ME!

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An event


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god, this was a blast. I

god, this was a blast. I love how bricks are so powerful they fly through walls. I feel like it could have gone on for ages if not for the sneaky ones using the teleporters!!

nice cop cam and I liked

nice cop cam and I liked throwing bricks at the teleporters! but it seems kind of random and it would be cool if there was more story and discussion around the teleporters, and maybe to see different character's perspectives or something. nice game 5/5