Blue's simple text game

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A simple text game about exploration and secret-hunting. Can you find all five treasures scattered throughout the land?

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That was really excellent. I

That was really excellent. I like how the hints persuaded me to treat the text with much more care and attention. I won, but I don't recall finding a fifth treasure. Perhaps it was a metaphorical one.

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I played for a while and

I played for a while and found some treasures.
I think the unassuming-text mechanic is an interesting one. What I like about it was that I began to reexamine the words with various hypotheses about what types of words or subjects were relevant enough to do something. I was looking for patterns in it. I felt that it did have a sense of a pattern to it, but it didn't feel completely consistent to me so I ended up scrubbing through entire phrases depending on a brute-force approach with the exception of two cases.
The setting as a whole is one that appeals to me as a former Christian. The mythological aspects (rather than philosophical I guess) of the Abrahamic culture creep me out because of my proximity to it, but I do enjoy seeing it explored as if it is The NeverEnding Story or The Dark Crystal .


I too was looking for some additional scenes from various folklore stories/beliefs. I wonder what sort of symbolism could be injected into the various locations players can visit.

When viewing the scene in Hell, I felt very much like a spectator in a play, and I felt the description of the stuff going on there was very evocative.

Beyond that, I thought the hidden-text mechanism was brilliant (and encouraged thorough replays), but yeah, I ended up brute-forcing it the rest of the way. I also enjoyed your blog entry about the process of making this, and your "fatigue" mechanism that added little blips of mystery and unpredictability.

Nice work!