9 Boring Levels

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Based off classic Shakespearean literature, ncrecc presents to you, a boring level, actually 9 of them but they're short and intentionally boring, tell me if you find any bad stuff like SGEs or wallswims or such, inspired by this thing.

2/1/18: Some dialogue is better now. Fixed a minor voidscreen.
2/8/18: WaDF song now properly loops. Fixed a nagging warp issue. Fixed a minor inconsistency with the grass in The Vendor's Key.
2/24/18: This gets rid of a particular flag warp that doesn't do anything helpful.

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An event


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Really nice! Reminded me of

Really nice! Reminded me of Battle Cheese In Spookyland PLUS. There's clearly more to the ending, but even after digging around the source files I can't say I have a clue how to go about it.

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Eh, figures.

Eh, figures.

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Not Boring Enough!

This is making me want to post more Knytt games again.

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hahaha i like this a lot actually