Battle Cheese In Spookyland PLUS

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For some reason i was inspired to make the other 15 stages i never made for this level. Please note that this is a Kyntt Stories Plus exclusive so i can better take advantage of State-of-the-art Spooking Mechanics. Also i'd like to warn you the level might be Too Spooky this time.

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Battle Cheese Sequels In The Works

Battle Cheese: All Troped Out

Excellent, entertaining play-out of the spooky genre, and of the Knytt engine. Well done!

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This is spectacular. My

This is spectacular. My favourite parts were: Battle Cheese's friends being disguised monsters, Battle Cheese becoming uncomfortable about holes, Battle Cheese walking past the neighbour's dog, the hidden 'victory' image (what? how??), and, of course, the whole ending section.
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This is really good, how did

This is really good, how did I miss this?