Klik & Klaus: Sekret Santa Klub 2013

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Wed, Dec 11 2013 12:00 AM
12/11/2013 - 00:00
12/25/2013 - 00:00

Are we doing this again? Heck yeah, we're doing this again!

Introducing the second annual Sekret Santa Klub! Sign up! Get your name drawn from a hat! Make a game! Who has your name? Who knows! But whoever drew your name will be making a game just for you!

Because a lot of folks missed the 25th last time, we will be starting a week earlier, giving you another seven days to make a game in case you get busy with relatives and what-not! Outside of that, things will work the same way as they did last year:

- Sign up before December 11th to get entered into the hat drawing!
- Post gift ideas in this thread so your Secret Santa knows what kind of game to make.
- On the 11th, you will get a private message telling you who your assigned Santee is! You will have roughly two weeks to make a game for your Santee!
- Post your game here at some point during the 25th! Don't worry if you're a few days late. Just try to get it in at some point before the new year.

Reminder: Each Santee gets ONE (1) gift and ONE (1) gift only.

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Games made for Klik & Klaus: Sekret Santa Klub 2013


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I found that 3D Santa GIF

Edit: Replaced with slightly less fabulous/distracting GIF.

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we should do lists this year, again

To make things suspenseful, I will not/forget to post my list of things I would like in a gift until Dec. 10!!

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To make things _really_

To make things _really_ suspenseful, wait to post your list until some time _after_ the 11th!

(Please don't do this.)

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Okay, mno, it's the 10th.

Okay, mno, it's the 10th. You better get a list up >:(

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I think I'll post an old

I think I'll post an old Christmas related KNP game I found on a bootleg game CD a while ago, called "Tyler's Christmas Game" or something like that. Ill check and get back when I find the title

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???This isn't an event


This isn't an event about posting existing games. It's about making games for other people. If you're looking for the regular KotM then #78 will be up at some point (which is a different event from Sekret Santa Klub).

Actually, if it's just a game that you've found you might want to try here instead: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/forum/1

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I think I'll give it a miss

I think I'll give it a miss this time around, since I freaked out and failed to finish a game last time. :(

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I really liked making your

I really liked making your game, though!

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I liked playing it too, even

I liked playing it too, even when it was traumatising me.

...I actually have a secret plan to try and complete an extremely late game for FlaviusMaximus next week, after which maybe I'll feel like I can participate this year. Wish me luck!

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That's pretty cool!

But i'd feel pleased if you focused more on this year's secret santa instead of forcing yourself into making that game for me. You may even forget it if you want! Let's just celebrate chistmas!

I'm really excited for that one

I've kinda been waiting for it, but disappointed in the spoiler tag. Don't let that stop you. I even made a couple of swf greeting cards that I was gonna embed here but it might just come across too tacky so I'll link to them later, when the time is right.. But like, they're really inspiring and just knowing that they exist should be enough inspiration to inspire you to get your step in the direction to completion. You might hve to remind me to link them later though because I might forget. But they're not super polished, they're like trainwrecks in themselves. But yeah, That ought to help a lot. The theoretical greeting cards, man. Do it for the ackz and greetz

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Hi, this is my first time here! Here's a list of things I like:

-Pastel colors

I'm interested to see how this will turn out...

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So I decided to go for a

So I decided to go for a weird tiered list format this time. Anyway, here is that list of things I like (try to pick at least one from Tier 1 and at least one from Tier 2):

Tier 1 - Types of games

- Platformers
- Tile-based puzzles (Chip's Challenge, etc)
- Fast-paced retro shooters
- Pac-Man and similar maze type games
- Sequence breaking through glitches
- Non-sequitor (Revenge of the Sunfish)

Tier 2 - Game identity

- Happy hardcore, or really, any music with bright texture and a feverish melody
- Pastel colors
- Cute things
- Hugs and snugs
- Boy pursues/rescues boy
- Genderfuckery
- Nonviolent reinterpretations
- Classic fangames (EG. Mario Quest, Yoshi vs. Windows)
- Games that contrast happy, fluffy worlds with dark tone shifts (Kirby, Eversion, Sonic CD futures, etc.)
- Environments inspired by Sonic CD, especially the futures

Tier 3 - Aesthetics/Finishing Touches

- 60 FPS fast scrolling
- Color cycles
- Nearest-neighbor sprite transformations
- Bounciness

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SNES' Panic In Nakayoshi

SNES' Panic In Nakayoshi World would fit in almost all of your list's things (((could be your favorite game of all time)))

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I like everything about this except

I like everything about this except the anime stylings (not a big fan of anime).

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At risk of making this list

At risk of making this list way too long:

After playing Nifflas's "The Big Sea" I remembered that I also really like games about rolling/tilting balls and nice ambient music. So, uhh, those are a couple more items for you to consider.

Stuff I Like

I like shootemups of any stripe. Retro is very inviting to me. Unless you want it to be a work of visual art, there's no need to spend too much time on graphics.

I [heart] GT. This sounds like a lot of fun. :D

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Oh, this is great! I usually

Oh, this is great! I usually can't do Saturdays but the two week time period will give me ample time to make a Christmas present game :)

Here's my list of things I like, hopefully some sort of weird combination will result.

- Lovecraftian Horror
- badly written melodrama
- nonsense
- dreams
- ambiguous endings
- puns (puns puns puns)
- exploration and sight-seeing
- aaaand...time travel?

- collectible card games
- combining elements to make new spells
- twine games
- metroidvanias
- RPGs made with really old programs like OHRRPGCE or RPG Maker 95

Other stuff:
- Chiptunes
- hand-drawn graphics, poorly scanned
- super minimal pixel graphics (2 colors for life?)
- Procedural Generation 4eva
- Overuse of the word fecund

I hope this is enough stuff so that we both get the game of our dreams. but please don't attempt to do everything - that would obviously be a mistake. maybe 2, or perhaps 3 if you're feeling particularly brave.

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i've not made a game since

i've not made a game since last year's event. this is crazy.

cool gift ideas:

  • secrets
  • procedurally generated palettes/sounds/dialogue/things
  • unusual control schemes
  • fake 3d/mode 7/eye of beholder
  • unusual aspect ratios
  • hand-drawn/made/collaged things
  • opl2 music
  • edutainment
  • copyright infringement
  • accompanying documents/web pages/file_id.diz/physical zines

it would probably not be a good idea to try all of these at once!!

I'm in

My first time! So excited!
Here's what I like, pick one, or several, or all of them! Or none!

- using other languages than English
- theme: death, sexuality, politics
- graphics in the style of Jean-Siméon Chardin
- use music that you love
- CGA graphics of my childhood (I think that's 320x200 and 4 colors)
- Thomson-Brandt TO9 Computer gaming
- elegance
- Michel de Montaigne
- the mediterrannean sea
- Hugo Pratt
- plagiarism and not respecting intellectual property

EDIT! My christmas wishes may be too restrictive so I add some more!
- photo / video, your own or some you just found somewhere
- mountains
- boats
- travels

official gift suggestions...

first time!! looking forward!!
official gift suggestions... mix as many as seem fit
- water temple
- playable innards
- being hit by a car
- applebottom
- octopus enemy
- tickled to death by an octopus
- octopus with applebottom
- ambiguous stone structures
- world maps
- x to smoke
- cotton wool for clouds
- character names consisting of a single syllable repeated twice (lolo, door-door, wonder momo)
- character names ending in an o or a y (frollo, poky)
- aeroplane mode
- the mystical forest
- bloody brains and guts
- cool ray gun
- frogs
- frog world
- cloud zone
- frogs with applebottoms

EDIT: - haunted house
- ax maniac

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Time to man up and quit slacking off I guess.

Things that i like:

- Platformers with Guns and/or swords (let me smack enemies)
- Disgaea-ish RPGs (variables everywhere) (i'm assuming you'll go with a platformer game) EDIT: (make it a platformer okay)
- 8-bit graphics with nice and bright color palettes (forget the NES' limitations!)
- Cute things (not the baby/puppy kind of cute, more like Lucky Star cute (although i don't like cute anime that much...)) or even the Pocky & Rocky smooth kind of cute!
- Those Game Boy Advance games which use old GB/GBC 8-bit synth along with new PCM samples and "Real" drumsets (like in Castlevania: HoD)
- Clever level design and lots of different enemies!
- WWII guns (what??) (welp, yes. i'm not a guns aficionado but i find them kinda cute. Those shacky and clanky noises are cool.)
- Fullscreen my game, or at least make a fullscreen button (pleeeeease!)
- Dogs
- Last but not least, Innocence. Don't swear or sever someone's head!

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I enjoy games I can play with my brain turned off but even more enjoy being engaged.
Other than that simple NES style arcade games are my bread and butter.
--other things
-run into the enemy to attack
-good music and atmosphere
-quirkyness but not stupidity
-tasteful macabre

Thanks in advance Santa!

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Christmas list.

Was unsure about making a list, but here yous go:

  1. Pop music
  2. Herbs and spices that start with the letter 'C'
  3. Credible but ingraspable rules
  4. Three dimensions
  5. Car games
  6. Picross
  7. A blue sky
  8. Trees
  9. Dogs and turtles
  10. Scotch
  11. High ceilings
  12. Games where everything is destructable, or everything rejects any kind of interaction.

Feel free to do something containing the opposite of every single one of these.

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Dear Santa

this year for christmas I want:

  1. glitch music
  2. terrible art
  3. no seriously the worst art you can imagine
  4. worse than that, even
  5. no worse
  6. virtual reality / flat-shaded polygons
  7. cuberpunk
  8. puns
  9. cyberpuns
  10. demo aesthetics
  11. animated gifs
  12. bbses
  13. pens
  14. headphones
  15. empty chili bowls
  16. now I'm just listing stuff that's lying around

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the dreaded staff list of de mno


- awful
- noisy
- trash
- noize

- loud
- quiet
- constant
- ending

- distorted
- rotate.180
- glitched
- grunge

- """fun"""
- ^+factor
= success

- bubblegum
- jellyation
- feminine+clothing
- true.love

- cutscenes?
- no
- NO

- all
- above
- them
- yes

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Less than two hours until

Less than two hours until the drawing!

There are currently two participants who have not yet posted a wishlist. Please post a list or otherwise your Santa won't know what to bring you... unless you don't have a list, in which case you should at least make a post stating such.

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Things I like

Things I like:

- Shiny gold
- 7/8 music
- Orchestra hits
- Dolphins
- Baked 3D->2D animations
- All caps brushscript fonts
- Pyramids
- Action/Puzzle and/or Adventure
- Culture remixing / detournement
- Character story
- Password based saves
- Ultima 7 perspective (use sparingly)
- Large, adventurous levels

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Whoa, it's a good thing the

Whoa, it's a good thing the names hadn't been drawn automatically, or otherwise your two-minute tardiness would have excluded you from the drawing.

I've gone ahead and closed signups to prevent something like this from happening (don't worry, you're still onboard).

I dunno.

A spoiler to have a list, but Anything that looks randomly generated that seems to have artificially generated personality, something generated with this http://www.mattoates.co.uk/work/parody.php or jazz appreciation. I don't have too many gripes. Yellow Jogger, mno,

this guy. I'll probably like it. I hate to ask too much and you should focus your primary on making this the bestest month in the month things.. Thanks for posting this event.

can't wait

Dude when do you do the hat drawing I can't wait it's already 1:30 PM here you know so what when do you do it when do you do it you said only 2 hours left so now what EDIT I'M SO EXCITED

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Might be to late but here is my list,
trippy visuals for me are never a miss.
~mic drop~

Recipient Received...!

STOKED to make this game! :)

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;___; Are there any other

;___; Are there any other late signups that I can make a game for? How'd I miss this?

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Sorry about that! I imagine

Sorry about that!

I imagine you could still submit a game for this if you wanted to - just make a game dedicated to someone you like, though preferably someone who isn't already participating! You could also just dedicate a game to the community itself like nanosity did last year.

Edit: If we get enough people maybe we could have, like, a second Secret Santa ring? But it wouldn't be very exciting with only two or three people involved...

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Cool 8-) I know what I'll do!

Cool 8-) I know what I'll do!

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Aaaaah, my game turned out

Aaaaah, my game turned out larger than I anticipated and it's not quite finished yet. ;n;
I promise it'll be done by the new year, though!

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i am in the same situation,

i am in the same situation, only with less ambition.

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Same, same! I mostly have

Same, same! I mostly have been taking it slow from christmas to the new years final day. Been jamming so hard over two weeks I need a breather!