for dattorz: KOOL GAME 2D

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Game File (Mac): 
Game File: 

i ended up spending longer than i had intended to on this game due to a combination of sheer laziness and a lack of any real programming talent! a lot of things are broken, and i would have liked to have made more levels/not so haphazard levels. oh well! i do hope that you enjoy this game!! i did have fun making certain parts of it!

music used is by lohstana david (cc-by)
libraries used in making this game: hump and hardon collider by vrld, advanced tiled loader by kadoba
if you want to do anything with my (scary) code or graphics, feel free.

mac build is untested.

object of game:
you have to get all of the fruits

wasd or arrow keys to move (though s/down doesn't do anything) move mouse to aim, click left or right mouse button to shoot

tab to toggle special challenge mode
f12 to cheat past a level

Made For: 
An event
love me like there's no tomorrow (0.8.0)21.34 MB


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dang, cool gift

Ohh, what a nice game! I love the flapping of the clothes when you jump :o The built in cheat is nice, cause I couldn't do well against some parts... and I'd like to retry level 4!

Level Design = A+

I enjoyed the final level immensely. The fact that the fruits drop down to the lower level(s) and you sometimes need to either have a very good memory or make a "leap of faith" kept the challenge high and kept me going until I finally beat it.

Excellent work!

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OMG, this is great! Thanks!

OMG, this is great! Thanks! (Don't worry about the difficulty. It was fine.)

There's a pit to the left of the level 3 start that I couldn't get out of, so I had to restart the game. Oh well.

I got 173/200 fruits on my first attempt at the bonus game. Will have to play through it again and see if I can get a perfect score!

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thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed

thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it.

the pit on level 3 was something that i left in the entire time i was building the level despite never actually having never gone down it during play! so that was a bit silly of me.

my best score in level 4 is about the same - though i'm sure it's not quite impossible to get them all.