Merry Catamitesmas

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Can you find all four zones?

1. Forest Zone?
2. ___T___ Zone?
3. ______ Zone?
4. C_____ Zone?

(Don't open till Christmas!)

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!!! gonna play this


gonna play this tomorrow as soon as @__@

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Let me know if you'd prefer

Let me know if you'd prefer a Windows/Mac/Linux version and I'll get it up if I have a moment today.

Still chipping away at this

Still chipping away at this one...Still wandering around in a forest. I'll see if I can finally discover the statue in your screen shot, though I think I am closer. Found a few interesting artifacts, but nothing conclusive.

It's a big world you've made. Nice work!

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so far

I have found only "falling off the edge of the entire world" zone, but that does NOT fit into the zone crossword puzzle. maybe it's a clue for a shorter word. I was never good at crosswords, and I still am not

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I found a hidden door to

I found a hidden door to "falling off the edge of the entire world zone" in Zone 2 and haven't been able to find my way back since.

Love the landscapes and waterfalls. Some day I will see those frogs.

i really liked this! didn't

i really liked this! didn't find any zones (or did i??) but i found some big strange block things and a lake..... i really liked mysterious forest atmosphere and also trying to work out where i should explore next by gauging how artificial / tinkered-with the surrounding landscape looks (strange spikes, furrows etc) (hands of god..?) never gonna give up til i find frog mountain and clambor up it. thank you for the wonderful xmas present!

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To reach second zone,
Follow the stones.

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I haven't found any stones.

I haven't found any stones. I have found trees that turn away from me as I approach them at the corner of the earth, though.

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Well! I haven't found those

Well! I haven't found those myself, so good job!

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That really freaked me out

That really freaked me out when I first saw them out of the corner of my eye... no idea what's going on that wasn't intended, but unintended chaos is often wonderful.

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I finally found what I think

I finally found what I think is the second zone by brute forcing it.



I found a temple entrance thing in (the exact center of?) the world, I don't know if the big brown blocks everywhere point towards it or something, I just found it by repeatedly falling off the world and remembering where that strange white tunnel was. But now im stuck in this weird temple place with no idea what to do next. Finding this was really rewarding and fun though, even though I just cheated :P

EDIT: Oh god nevermind I found it, this frog world is insanely eerie and I'm not sure I want to stay


EDIT 2: I fell through the ground in frog world, my quest has found its end. This was an awesome game though, I love the way it just drops you in without any clear set path or goals. I was so surprised when I found that temple entrance it was like oooooooooooooooooooooooh.

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Thanks Wertpol! You missed

Thanks Wertpol! You missed one zone, but it's probably the trickiest to find as well as the least interesting.

I like the way you discovered the Temple. I built walls to mitigate that a bit, but it's nice that you got around that.

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Is it the clouds?

Is it the clouds?

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and i found two trees that are sorta like a door when put together.. I went through them, and got lost as per usual. I don't even think a walkthrough would give me guidance at this point, but that's the whole concept.. I liked my trees though